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Name Professor Course Date The Shawshank Redemption The Shawshank Redemption is a film directed by Frank Darabont in which the main character Andy is tormenting over his wife’s death. He knows that he can free himself from the pain of his wife’s death by going to exile at Shawshank Prison…
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The Shawshank Redemption Movie Review
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Download file to see previous pages He later escapes from the prison and reveals that the prison warden was corrupt. The warden then kills himself to avoid becoming a prisoner. Time and space are the main aspects used in this story (Dirks, 2012). The movie is an inspirational dramatic film and character study. It is supported by the golden cinematography by Roger Deakins. The posters used in the film display the power of home in bringing freedom into an individual. This film has themes that are connected with freedom such as the theme of hope and freedom. The main character is trying to free himself from false accusations through the use of his friend in prison, Red. The film is also a symbolic story of hope, companionship, endurance and redemption as the film ends. It had excellent cinematography and editing (The Shawshank Redemption). In this story, the, main theme is home whereby Andy is trying to escape from the detention center. When he goes into the prison, he wishes to start anew and forget about the loss of his wife. Prison keeps him isolated from the rest of the world. The posters on the prison cell represent hope and liberation which will only come from the outside world. The poster is what keeps Andy moving and desire to escape from the four walls. Sound is a significant aspect in this film. The sound of the cells, Red’s narration and music are used in this film. Sound is the reason while the story is existent. The movie also starts with a song and this indicates the relevance of music in setting the tone (Mainglar, 2009). The music is played depending on the mood of the scene. The photography of the film moves the practicality technique to shooting. The prison is extremely dark displaying the hardships found in prisons. The director wants the viewers to feel as if they are in prison. The other areas outside the prison are well lit because outside there is to be hope. When Andy escapes from the prison, it is raining, and when lightning strikes, it shows that he is free again. In terms of editing, the editing technique that is used in the film is the continuity. The pictures are absorbed into one another, and there are no random cuts. This is extremely compelling as it does not leave the viewer hanging. This film is extremely outstanding with its proper lighting, sound, and editing. The actors, Red and Andy, bring life into the movie by the clever acts. The involvement of the warden also makes the story fascinating to watch. It is full of prison drama. The director of the movie chose the right actors for their parts. The film does not depend on a lot of actions and exceptional outcomes. It, on the other hand, relies on its actors to do satisfactory work to make the film interesting. The use of narration also brings out an intellect of fate in the film (Mainglar, 2009). This differentiates it from other films whereby people use a lot of money and utilize unique effects to make the film happen. The audience is supposed to get to know any through his friend Red which is misleading because the opposite happens. It keeps the viewer guessing every time (Mainglar, 2009). Through this story, we learn that friendship is extremely relevant and that friends should care for one another. We also learn that hope is necessary whenever someone is faced with a bad situation. Hope keeps people moving and doing things that are difficult. The film also educates us on the value of patience. Andy had the patience that one day he would escape from the dark place, prison. His patience ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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