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Warner Bros Values in the Production Setting - Term Paper Example

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This paper demonstrates the gangster theme in the movie to accord the measures applied by the determined man, to achieve progress in perpetrating criminal behavior in the attempt to achieve the high status of wealth and progress within the society…
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Warner Bros Values in the Production Setting
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Extract of sample "Warner Bros Values in the Production Setting"

Download file to see previous pages Warner Bros had been engaged in production and focused on a mentioned theme that upheld the production motive. The trend had to be set in Hollywood to predict the efforts applied by variable production companies. Crime and survival measures had been the strategies applied in Warner Bros and the developed gangster film proved the specialized theme applied. The production focused on self-styled, which are referred to as blue-collar champions who had the message to pass during the period marred with depression in society.
The upright means to acquire wealth had failed and left the solution to be in crime, which had been the norm during the period (Jowett, 1988). The movie had been the reflection of the actual events depicted within the society that had made the headlines in the newspapers.
Tom had grown to find crime as the best solution when he joined the gangsters at a young age. The thieves had taught him the value presented in the easier articulation of wealth that had been used to progress in the unjust society. He grows up to pick the vice as the chief leader in the gang to acquire his riches through unlawful methods that had been the setback to progress. The movie had been set in a growing city where criminal activities thrived in the darkness as the sole platform for presenting criminal behavior (Leff & Jerrold, 1988). Hollywood had delivered the need to present specialization in movie production to regulate the costs used in completing the production of a movie. Warner Bros values in the production setting revealed the struggle of the majority in articulating survival measures within society. The movie industry has been advanced to predict the social events that reflect the behavior of the individuals within the society. The norm presented has led to the establishment of guidelines to be met to complete the existence on a stable platform. Movie production has reflected the behavior of humanity and set the lifestyle that has been recorded to promise the majority of the benefits towards sustenance of the available entities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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