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Creating Good Relationships with the Public through Well Designed Communication - Dissertation Example

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Design and Government: Creating good relationships with the public through well designed communication Contents Abstract 3 Chapter 1: Introduction 4 Introduction 4 Discussing Design 4 Summary 5 Chapter 2: Designing for the Vote 7 Politics and Fate 7 Butterfly Ballots 10 Design for Democracy 13 Chapter three: Design and Politics 18 The Aggression of Design 18 The Political Message 21 Designing the Obama Campaign 26 Chapter Four: Conclusion 28 List of Figures 30 Bibliography 31 Abstract The following paper has been written from the perspective of examining the design principles involved in objects between government and the people…
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Creating Good Relationships with the Public through Well Designed Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Good design is always an important element of any creation, but in politics the impact can be a defining element for the future. Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction Design is a part of the way that life is translated through the creation of objects and ideas that support modern life. When a design is flawed, the purpose of an object can become a hindrance to an effective result. An example of this can be seen in the butterfly ballots in Florida during the 2000 election in the United States where the Presidency was affected by the inadequacy of the design. The future of the world was impacted by the decision that was cast through a voting system that was inadequate to the purpose of its design. Discussing Design Design is the kind of word that has a great many meanings and can be applied to a great number of applications in the human experience. Designing something means creating an arrangement that will meet a specific goal. Design can mean creating a visual impact through the editorial point of view as it is adapted for fashion or for interiors, or through the impact of design aesthetics on a message that is intended to persuade or inform. Design, in all of its forms, is an action and the consequence of the action is to communicate something from the designer to the public with the designed product being the conduit of the information. To design is to intend a communication. There are a great number of ways in which design impacts our daily life without considering that it has been designed to specifically create intent for the framework of the way we perceive the world. Culture is created through the application of designed perceptions on the way in which life is lived. This does not mean that the communication of the design has the impact that is intended, but it does mean that it will have a form of impact that can influence the direction of cultural development. Design is the activity of the creator, but the meanings that are interpreted from what has been designed belongs to the public. The conduit, the object that has been designed does not always have to be a tangible item. The design intent can be intangible, a method of creating communication that impacts the receiver in such a way as to enact an impression towards information that the designer wishes to convey. The design of this impact can be through a variety of related symbols of what is intended, everything from the clothing that an individual who represents that information wears to the way in which text that is related to the information is chosen to convey some form of meaning upon the words that are used. Summary The following paper is intended to explore the way in which design has impacted the political landscape, using the United States as a central example. Modern life is the result of design as objects can be seen as a part of the development of culture for the utilitarianism of the objects. When the utility of an object fails, the consequences can be understood as long reaching and fateful in terms of how the world evolves. Design, therefore, is an act that is aggressive and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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