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Origin and History of Celtic Knots - Research Paper Example

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Celtic knots have a wide appeal. Mathematicians are attracted because of Geometric sophistication.Chemists are intrigued because of molecules that thread and fold and intertwine and knot, due to patterned fragments of transition metals and/or hydrogen bond sets, making knots visually reminiscent of Celtic knots…
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Origin and History of Celtic Knots
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Download file to see previous pages Computer Science is interested in generating knots through special software. Religion is interested in Celtic knots because of its symbolic structuring of doctrine, the illumination of scriptural texts and the inscription of sacred architecture. My thesis is that the cross, the circle and the Tree of Life are archetypal images which provide a foundation for understanding the history and origin of Celtic Knot art forms, and the elemental meaning is a call to unity, renewal and balance.
There are a variety of types of Celtic knots and they are, and have long been, used in jewelry, fabricated in metal, carved from stone and bone, and gracing stone pillars, as protection symbols over doorways, used to illuminate scriptural texts, and for magic and divination. The Trinity knot is quite famous, symbolizing water, fire, earth for nature-based spirituality or, for the Christian Church, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The spiral is a common pattern and dates back to 2500 BCE. It is thought to represent growth and the cycle of life.There are key and labyrinth designs, and zoomorphic designs, the latter involving birds and animals as part of the interwoven design.Here are images of the main two I am choosing to focus on: the Celtic Cross with a circle, and the Tree of Life. ...
Modern day aficionados think of the ancient Celtic peoples as inherently spiritual, nature-connected, intuitive, in touch with alternate realms. This answers a longing in contemporary people.17 This results in a lot of speculative information about the Celts, their art, its meaning and its origin. Celtic knots first appeared in the British Isles during the 7th century, suddenly became extremely popular, and remained the primary art style through the tenth century.18 It was used in decorating sacred books, the most famous of which are The Book of Kells, The Book of Durrow, and the Lindisfarme Gospels.19 A fifth century copy of the book of Acts is considered to be the piece that links Middle Eastern and Celtic knot work.20 Some scholars believe that Celtic knots were adopted originally from Egypt.21 A primary symbol, the cross with circle, can be traced back to ancient Egypt, The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol, a cross with a circle above. It is a symbol still sacred to Egyptian Coptics.22 The cross represents intersection and opposition.23 The Circle represents eternity, continuity and infinity.24. Together, the symbol is one of regeneration.25 The circle is a rough approximation of the female reproductive organ, and the cross is a rough representation of the male reproductive organ.26 In Egyptian imagery, the Ankh is held in the hands of gods and near the lips of pharaohs, as though giving them breath.27 The cross and the circle are both archetypes. Archetypes, a core element in the psychology of Carl Jung, are a common pattern of image structures and shared meaning which can be identified in dreams, myths, legends, symbols, and are channels for psychic energy.28 As archetypes, the circle and cross have deep and ancient meaning. Their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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