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Topic Management Title Good Managers: Made or Born? Name/course/institution/date/course supervisor etc can be either here or on a separate title page- could also include your name in the footnote of each page, on the left if you want to. The Essay This paper focuses on a personal reflection on the many Management Philosophies available to the student of Management…
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Self-reflective report
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Download file to see previous pages The abundance of advice on management techniques, approaches to business and organizational leadership, and even instruction manuals for achieving personal and business success implies that there are no immediate, quick-fix solutions to ensure that the individual becomes a successful, effective manager. New, radical, exciting approaches are published on a regular basis, and it is difficult for the individual not to accept the latest theory as the ultimate answer. Some of these approaches are more appealing – the Japanese Management Philosophy is a personal favorite. The appeal of taking on a tried and tested approach, and subjecting oneself and an organization to the parameters of that theory is clear. There are, however, limitations to an approach which relies heavily on the suggestions of others in the field. The danger is that while the theory may seem appealing, the practical impossibility of transferring all the conditions under which the theory was developed to an organization remains. Each business will have its own unique set of challenges, its individual requirements for change, and its own human component. A personal management philosophy should be developed by each manager, dependent on the contexts he/she is in and the experience and knowledge he/she has built up. This approach will prevent the uncritical adoption of a particular philosophy as the basis from which to work within an organization. This essay will propose that the three most important aspects of effective management, and by implication, the three most important characteristics of a good manager are, firstly, high emotional intelligence – an awareness of the importance of people in organizations, a perceptive recognition of people’s strengths and weaknesses, and an ability to motivate and communicate effectively with people, as well as an honest and realistic level of self-knowledge; secondly, an openness to change, and a flexible, adaptable approach to business, and the organization, so as to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global business and economic environment; and thirdly an ability to think and act rationally, based not only on emotional responses, but on the needs of people in an organization, and the organization itself. The additional characteristics of a good manager mentioned in this essay are all related to these three essential facets, and serve further to explore the proposal that a personal management style, evolving from a joining of management theory and philosophy, personal experience and capabilities, and the immediate context of the manager’s environment is essential for good management. In all organizations, the influence of humans is paramount. It is people who are able to drive any organization toward becoming effective, profitable or successful, and adaptable. It is thus essential that knowledge regarding the human interaction within an organization be part of the manager’s approach. The more traditional aspects of the business – productivity, efficiency, marketability, and so on – are not to be neglected, but the structuring and management of interpersonal relationships, teamwork management, and personal management must be considered. A manager can only provide leadership when his/her own self-awareness is ongoing and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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