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Running head: NURSING AND INFORMATICS Nursing and Informatics Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 16 June 2011 Nursing and Informatics 1. Introduction The modern technology has been recently adopted in different fields across the globe to help improve on the efficiency in operations in those fields and the quality of the services that are offered by the different institutions…
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Nursing informatics
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"Nursing informatics"

Download file to see previous pages It is used in the management of the records of the patients. The data pertaining to a given patient can be safely stored and retrieved with ease when required. The technology can also be used to diagnose a patient based on the records that have been obtained. Thus, technology is generally necessary for the diagnosis, treatment, and the management of patients in a health institution (Cleveland Clinic, 2011, para.1). The success of the application of modern information technology in a given health care institution is not obvious. The management of such institutions needs to define and develop an appropriate strategy for integrating the modern technology into their system. A good patient care will be achieved if the use of technology is supported by the processes of the institution and the cooperation among the workers in the institution (Cleveland Clinic, 2011, para.3). The nurses in the health care institutions need to be conversant with the applications of the automated systems in various tasks. There is need to develop a joint passion for the profession and the learning of new technology. Thesis statement The application of information technology in nursing practice will be successful in improving the quality of services to the patients if the processes of the health center are well organized and if there is good coordination between the health workers in the organization. 2. Informatics in nursing The practice of nursing involves handling very vital pieces of information relating to the patients’ health that are necessary for proper service delivery (Ball, 2000, p.7). The management of the patients in a given health care institutions is made easier of the records of the patients are available and in an organized manner. The health history of a given patient can be traced and this will help the clinician in making the appropriate diagnosis (Berner, 1999, p.5). There are also pieces of information relating to the nursing practice. These include the procedures, guidelines, and policies that are applicable in the practice and in a given institution. The nurses would want to obtain these pieces of information from their seniors or communicate them to the other nurses within the institution. There would also be a need to communicate to the patients in certain instances. The way the information is stored, how it can be retrieved, and how it can be communicated to other people will determine its effectiveness. The confidentiality of information is of particular significance in the nursing practice. Besides, the patients should be involved in designing for their care. There is a need for an effective communication between the patient and the nurses. Thus, the information needs to be kept in a secured system that is protected from unauthorized users and from where it cannot be destroyed. There is need to have an organized system that allows for an easy retrieval of information from a large chunk of information. The communication medium needs to be fast and efficient and neither should it tamper with the contents of the information. The use of modern technology in these applications is necessary (Berner, 1999, p.139). By using these modern systems, it is easy to organize enormous data so that the retrieval of the required piece of information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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