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Arts administration and cultural heritage - Research Paper Example

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Arts Administration and Cultural Heritage Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Arts administration and cultural heritage Introduction: In the modern world, with its multifaceted technological developments, visual media has become a highly significant source of entertainment as well as information…
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Arts administration and cultural heritage
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Download file to see previous pages Telecasting companies in the present day are competing with one another to provide customers with best exploiting technology. Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) and Discovery Communications (DC) are two major television networks in the US that provide 24 hours broadcasting services to the country’s citizens. While PBS, with its 345 member stations, is a nonprofit public organization, DC is profit motivated and broadcasts a wide variety of non-fictional programs encompassing the topics of science, engineering, animal and plant life, marine life, science and technology, political events, environmental issues etc. It is one of the most vibrant players in the field surviving the stiff competition from other major network such as national geographic, Times networks etc. Organization and Structure: 1) Mission Statement of PBS: The Mission Statement of PBS encompasses the generation of content that informs, educates, and inspires. To achieve this, PBS provides programs that develop the minds of kids, documentaries, non-commercialized programs for news that keep people informed on events around  the world and other cultures and various other programs that introduce US citizens to the worlds of theater, music, art and dance.  PBS has transformed itself from linear broadcasting business to a multi-platform leader that provides Americans access to mobile TV, television, Web, interactive whiteboards in the classroom and more. PBS reaches out through their services to 123 million citizens by way of television and above 21 million people online every month.  2) Mission Statement of Discovery Communications: Discovery Communications is dedicated to being a globally renowned content provider of various options workplace. By building a healthy and wide-ranging work atmosphere that supports flexibility, balance, and different perspectives, they strive to inspire their employees to attain their maximum potential. They value of their team and facilitate them the best resources and tools in the industry. Structure of PBS and Discovery Communications: 1) Structure of PBS: Primarily, PBS is not a network of television, but a membership business establishment. Out of 1,500 television stations in the US only about 350 are eligible for federal support as public television. “Of the 11,500 AM and FM stations operating in the U.S., only 1,650 are noncommercial and only about 700 qualify for federal support as public radio. Not wanting competition for their commercial programming, the big three networks successfully lobbied congress against structuring public broadcasting as a fourth network. Congress complied and created a highly decentralized public broadcasting service” (U.S. Public Broadcasting: Structure and Programming, 2003). The Corporation for Public Broadcasting acts as the financial agent for their services. CPB submits their budget straight to Congress and receives the funds as designated. To facilitate matching grants for development of programs, CPB receives funding in 3year cycles. On the other hand, the parliament and/or the White House exercise the power to rescind earlier authorization of funds. 2) Structure of Discovery Communications: Discovery Communications has, in the recent past, realigned its American networks portfolio with a view to further improve their content, programs, operational and promotional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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