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Reflection on the movie We Are Marshall - Research Paper Example

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The movie We Are Marshall, released in the year 2006, by McG deals with a tragic event in the history of sports and games in America. In this incident, team members (37 in number) and other officials of Thundering Herd football team that represented the Marshall University were succumbed to death…
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Reflection on the movie We Are Marshall
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I consider this movie as an apt tribute to the victims of the plane crash because the remaining members of the Thundering Herd football team are not ready to give up. Besides, the movie is symbolic of the relationship between sports and willpower to withstand critical circumstances in human life. The film and the history of sports and games in America The director makes use of a historical incident in his film to portray the after effect of the same. But the director does not try to unearth the background of the tragic incident. Instead, he utilizes the incident as the background of his film. One can see that injury is usual in sports and games. But destruction of a whole team due to a plane crash is unimaginable. Within this context, the McG is aware of his role as film director. He never tries to unveil the background of the tragic incident. But he totally ignores the background and concentrates his attention on the after effect of the plane crash. If the director tries to concentrate on the background of the incident, the output will be a historical anecdote. Here, a film direct cannot use his or her individual freedom. If the director decides to make use of an incident as a theme, he or she can utilize individual freedom. In my opinion, the director did not get distracted by the historical importance of the incident. This helps the film to go beyond a historical anecdote with limited scope. So, one can see that a historical event is the film’s theme but the same is used as a foundation to portray the after effects or the following events. ...
Tribute to the victims of plane crash The film is based upon a real incident which happened in the year 1970 in America. Baker Publishing Group (2009) stated that, “In the sports movie We Are Marshall, nearly the entire Marshall University football team dies in a plane crash” (p. 411). The team members and the officials of the Thundering Herd football team became victims to the Southern Airways Flight 932 crash. The travel by flight was a rare event for the Thundering Herd football team because they usually made use of other transportation facilities. The Marshall University never suspected a tragic end to their players. One can see that the future dreams of number of families became futile due to the plane crash. But the University authorities were not ready to forget the victims and their family members. The memorials erected at the University campus and Spring Hill Cemetery is symbolic of the homage to the victims of the plane crash. On the other side, the director’s attempt to inculcate the plane crash and its after effects in his film can be considered as an apt visual tribute for the victims. But the director never tries to consider his film as investigation on the back ground of the plane crash. Instead, he tries to attract the attention of the viewers towards the after effects of the tragedy. I consider the director’s effort is important because it helps the viewers to realize that how to show tribute to the victims of manmade or natural disasters. Sports and games and willpower I consider that one’s achievement in the field of sports is interconnected with one’s willpower to withstand challenges in life. At the same time, failure to achieve success in a sports event helps human beings to realize that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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