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Racism in Science Fiction Movies - Research Paper Example

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This paper is a compare and contrast essay of three science fiction movies with respect to racism. The subject of racism in these movies may not be subject to criticism but be on a positive note. The three movies that discusses are District 9, Brother from another Planet and Starship Troopers…
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Racism in Science Fiction Movies
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Download file to see previous pages The main thesis behind District 9 is that it is basic human nature to be racist. If we know that we are dominant or can dominate, we tend to exploit the weak. The movie shows the danger of this nature through its main character, story, slums, etc. The thesis behind Brother from another Planet is that as a result of racism precious human talented and skills are being wasted. This is shown in them movie through the main protagonist who has special talents but they go unutilized as a result of racism. Finally, the thesis behind Starship Troopers is that racism only leads to destruction. Racism is depicted in an entirely different form in the movie that we do not notice easily. It is the practice of racism by a state on its citizens. Each of the three movies try to depict that racism inevitably leads to loss.
Brother from another Planet revolves around an alien who crash lands on earth. The alien ends up in New York City. The alien is a slave who is trying to escape from intergalactic bounty hunters whose job is to recapture slaves who have escaped. The alien resembles an African American male and is mute. The alien has some extraterrestrial powers such as telekinetic powers. The alien has extremely large feet which he hides.
The alien discovers that his color tone is a major disadvantage here. The movie is a social commentary on life in the society of the time. The movie shows how the racial divide still exists in a city like New York. It addresses issues such as differences between social classes and racism. One of the main criticisms about the movie is that main protagonist who is an alien slave is shown as an African American and the bounty hunters are whites. To some extent it might be trying to reflect the hard realities of the society. It shows that whites are considered superior even in the context of extra-terrestrials and blacks are treated as inferior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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