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Salvador Dali and his Unique Artworks - Research Paper Example

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Salvador Dali made a name for himself in the 20th century in art. Salvador was born into a century when art was attaining a different meaning. In Europe, there was a vigorous definition of art by different artists. These artists formed cultural movements based on the most crucial beliefs about art. …
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Salvador Dali and his Unique Artworks
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Download file to see previous pages Dali’s artistic works that carried strange expressions won a lot of publicity in the world. Dali had a characteristic personal branding in both art and appearance. The unique personal brand added to his publicity. Dali won immeasurable publicity that drew criticism. While some people acknowledged the true worth of his work in making him famous, some people thought that he over commercialized himself. However, Dali’s work deserved the credit it earned because he had real talent evident from his artistic works. The beginning of the 20th century in 1904 saw the birth of one Salvador Dali, to a well up agricultural family in Catalonia, Spain (James 23). His parents were Dali Cusi and Felipa Domenech. His birth was unique as his parents thought he was a reincarnation of their older child who had not lived beyond nine months. Dali accepted the reincarnation story at five years. In addition to their home in Catalonia, the family had a house in Cadaques where they stayed over summer. The stay in cadaques had great influence on Dali’s work. Dali had a close relationship with his mother but not with his politically influential father. Dali’ enrolled into school at a tender age of four at Escuela public school. Due to his inability to concentrate in school, his father sent him to a private school. However, Dali did not progress well in school. On the contrary, Dali occupied himself with reminiscences of his summer holidays. His summer holidays presented the only opportunity for him to do what he liked best. He was lucky to find an art mentor at Cadaques where they spent summer. Ramon Pichot, a close ally to the family, mentored Dali up his way to art since childhood. Pichot had links with Pablo Picasso, an influential artist of that time. In 1922, Dali joined the San Fernando academy of art, a venture that would determine his future as an artist. In the academy in Madrid, Dali got the opportunity to express himself freely. It is in the academy where Dali started out on his unique dressing style that would later earn him criticism and publicity. In addition, in the academy, he made friends with whom he walked along his career with forming partnerships with them at times. These friends included Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel. According to the Dali Museum Inclusive, during his time in the academy, he explored different art styles in search of his true artistic identity. He tried out cubism, futurism, and purism. He kept himself updated on these styles by reading journals. His work began to appear in galleries and soon he gained the confidence to hold solo exhibitions. He also displayed his work in multiple exhibitions. Due to his talent and increasing artistic adventure, he realized that he was not getting enough challenge from his instructors. This attitude led to his trials to criticize the academy administration. At some point, the academy could not hold him any more. After the dismissal from the academy, he embarked on painting back in his hometown. Dali’s works evoke varied emotions. He was too radiant in expressing themes that no longer appealed the Spaniard exhibitions. His thematic exploration at this time was mutilation and decay. Dali’s career took a different turn in 1929 because he ventured into a partnership with his friend from the academy Luis Bunuel (Ross 80). The duo created an avant-garde film that exposed violence and dead bodies. The film titled ‘An Andalusian Dog’ brought the two artists international recognition because it fetched great market. Because of the fame, Dali moved to Paris, where he became a member of the surrealists. The surrealists belonged to an art culture that believed in representing objects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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