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Customization - Assignment Example

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This assignment declares that customization of service design and service delivery can be defined as the bunch of services that are designed and delivered according to the individual needs of different customers. Customized services also can be considered as modified services…
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Extract of sample "Customization"

Download file to see previous pages From this study ity is clear that service industry occupies an important position in the economy of the developing as well as the developed nations. Several studies related to the hospitality industry suggest that the gap between the customer expectation and customer perception can be closed by implementing new innovation in the quality of service. Most of the operating systems available in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector have a direct and immediate impact on the customer. The operations functions of hospitality sector include timely service, quality products and extremely good behaviour with customers. The service design and delivery of hospitality sector is broadly classified into standardization and customization of services. In the contemporary era, customization of products and services are highly valued by customers. In order to enhance the quality of service in hospitality sector, it is essential that customer judgments, outcomes, delivery and customer panels are given importance. Proper marketing of brand is very important regarding hospitality sector.
From this paper it is clear that the customers prefer to visit places that have high quality brand image as well as reputation in the hospitality market. The existing customer-base of hospitality sectors expects standardized quality regarding products and services. But, the consumers in the modern and contemporary era expect customized service design and service delivery process. This essay will argue for customized service design and service delivery processes are more demanding comparing to the standardized process. With respect to commercial hospitality, it is important that both standardization and customization factors of service design and delivery are enhanced. Travel, tourism and hospitality have several implications towards the management of operations. For standardizing design and delivery of hospitality services, the key factor is to deliver on the promise made to customers.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Customization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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