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The organization was created in 1919 in Cisco, Texas by Conrad Hilton. Since its creation the company has developed significantly to own numerous franchises under its brand. By 2013, the organization had…
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Internal Marketing Research
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Internal Marketing Research: Hilton Worldwide Company Hilton Worldwide is a global hospitality companies across the globe. The organization was created in 1919 in Cisco, Texas by Conrad Hilton. Since its creation the company has developed significantly to own numerous franchises under its brand. By 2013, the organization had 152,000 employees. In its franchises there were 162,000. By 2014, the organization had over 4,000 hotel and ventured in 91 countries (Hilton Worldwide).
Mission Statement
To be the preeminent global hospitality company - the first choice of guests, team members, and owners alike (Hilton Worldwide).
Core Values
Doing the right thing always
Own to their decisions and actions
Operate with discipline and urgency
Be exceptional team players
Be industrial and community leaders
HR Management
Apart from the medical services offered to the employees the company offers employment packages on their products and services. The organization provides its employees with discount offers on the hotels and services. The discount offers also extends to family members. This may also be used for friends since proof of family identification is required.
Hilton Worldwide provides a better employment opportunity compared to other competitors. This is based on that the organization offers its employees exceptional medical cover offers in addition to their employee benefit to the access of its hotels. Additionally, the Hilton brand is highly valuable in its industry. This provides the employer with an exceptional career development.
The career opportunities offered by Hilton Worldwide are well perceived by the employee market. The employee market is attracted to brand value and offers and incentives provided. Hilton Worldwide provides these exceptional services. Moreover, the brand is highly valued in the market.
Work Cited
Hilton Worldwide. Management Services. 2015. Web. Feb 25, 2015. Read More
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