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The article by Streitfeld, 2013, addresses concerns of reduced credibility in contemporary online reviews, which is a promotional strategy for most businesses and companies. Streitfeld, 2013, challenges readers of the article to realize that regardless of the standard of…
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Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Worksheet Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Worksheet The article by Streitfeld, addresses concerns of reduced credibility in contemporary online reviews, which is a promotional strategy for most businesses and companies. Streitfeld, 2013, challenges readers of the article to realize that regardless of the standard of services offered by most corporations, most of them embraced the technique of positive reviews to increase clientele retention, at a fee. As a result, the truth embedded within reviews holds no ground. Streitfeld, 2013, questions the credibility of positive reviews posted on most companies’ websites. Often, online reviews and responses are invaluable promotional resources for most companies. Streitfeld, 2013, addresses serious questions on the credibility of promotional strategies applied by companies based on online review rankings.
The article addresses most pertinent issues to online marketing and promotions based on review ratings. First, it addresses challenges of an increase in online retail purchases prompted by increase in cases of industry of fibbers and promoters focused on buying and selling raves for a pittance. Streitfeld, 2013, maintains that there increasing instances of falsified online reviews to help companies promote their goods and services. High necessity for positive reviews by businesses and companies rendered the review system a struggle of superiority because no corporation accepts low ratings.
The article highlights challenges of a high demand for positive reviews by businesses and companies as a struggle of supremacy in which every enterprise intends to ensure favorable competition. Streitfeld, 2013, uses an example of Sandra Parker, who served under contract by a company to fabricate Amazon reviews for $10 each. Parker’s role was to neutralize the effects of insincere reviews posted by customers for various companies to with favor and expand market dominance.
According to Streitfeld, 2013, reviews lose meaning if illegitimate reviews get the same prevalence similar to those that are honest. The algorithm was successful because it was possible to distinguish honest reviews and fake reviews. According to the algorithm, false reviews are narratives addressing their experience at the firm using many superlatives without a vivid description of the facts. There is a high prevalence in the use of illegitimate and misleading reviews on company or business websites. Consequently, it is misleading for consumers and influences their product choice. Relevant regulations should be in place to regulate misleading reviews set by companies or businesses.
Streitfeld, 2013, article reveals the extent to which it is challenging to determine the number of invalid online reviews on the web. The challenge prompted researchers decided to create a computer algorithm for detecting illegitimate reviews. It is unethical for a business to benefit from illegitimate and false information that is misleading to customers. Streitfeld, 2013, gives an example of a high-end English Hotel (Cove in Cornwall) that faced charges after hiring guests to post positive comments on Trip Advisor for a 10 percent discount gain.
The article comprehensively addresses challenges of increased incidences of positive reviews online for purposes of promotion. It is agreeable that the increase emanates from the high demand among many corporations to increase sales for their products and services. It is also true that one cannot distinguish the difference between legitimate and fake positive reviews. It is a challenge to legal authorities to control fraudulent review ratings to ensure customers have legitimate information about company products and services.
Streitfeld, D. (2013). “In a race to Out-rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5”. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, vol. 38, no. 3. Read More
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Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 9.
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