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The Impact of E-tourism on Libyas Tourism Industry - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "The Impact of E-tourism on Libya's Tourism Industry" states that face-to-face interviews were conducted with the tourists and eco-tourists on site and asked them to complete the questionnaires. Eight research assistants were trained in the procedures of conducting the survey. …
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The Impact of E-tourism on Libyas Tourism Industry
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Extract of sample "The Impact of E-tourism on Libyas Tourism Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The sudden increase in travel to the country from different parts of the world has resulted in enormous pressure on the natural environment. Negative impacts due to recreational activities within the country parks have occurred. Littering was one of the impacts caused by recreational activities. Refuse throughout the parks, as well heaped in rubbish bins was a common occurrence. In addition, animals' lives were also threatened by so-called ecotourism activities, which were organized by local travel agencies. Since this time, the government became aware of the ecotourism market and the invaluable ecotourism resources in the country could serve as alternative attractions for visitors. The government cannot rely only on the man-made tourism infrastructure to retain the visitor number, as limited land is available for the construction of new tourism facilities. These facilities, on the contrary, may not be able to perform earn their keep because of the increasing number of visitors. Thus, man-made infrastructures are not necessarily a cost-effective way to develop tourism in the country. The present study will not only demonstrate an effective tool for ecotourism planning but also will help in assessing and identifying potential ecotourism destinations, which conformed to eco-tourists' preferences, to facilitate ecotourism development in Libya. The assessment has provided a comprehensive understanding of the invaluable ecotourism resources within the country to identify the best suitable locations for ecotourism development. The study may be considered as a pioneer in ecotourism planning in Libya, especially in its application of ecotourism planning, which aims at filling the knowledge gap on ecotourism research. Despite the likely uncertainties and limitations, the study will offer a relatively comprehensive approach in assisting decision making for ecotourism planning. The study will also result in a better understanding of ecotourism resources, and where they are located.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of E-Tourism on Libyas Tourism Industry Research Proposal.
“The Impact of E-Tourism on Libyas Tourism Industry Research Proposal”, n.d.
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