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Information Technology Is a Competitive Tool in an Evolving Hospitality Industry - Literature review Example

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Information technology is a competitive tool in an evolving hospitality industry: A Literature Review By Author Date In this information technology (IT) based era business organizations (especially hotels and hospitality industry) are always struggling to investigate and create every ways promising and beneficial to improve business performance and minimize expenditures…
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Information Technology Is a Competitive Tool in an Evolving Hospitality Industry
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Download file to see previous pages To demonstrate this reality some of the instances of on-site applications of IT in hospitality firms comprise the implementations of physical devices for instance hotel information kiosks, department store touch screen displays, and self departure counters at hospitality firm. As well, on-site applications are less data based than on-site applications. In this scenario, some of the instances of off-site applications can be online transaction web sites and automated telephone systems (Schrier et al., 2010; Dabholkar & Bagozzi, 2002). According to (Hotelmule, 2010), in the past few years, the use of IT in the hospitality industry has increased extremely. Though, this travel has not for all time been without problems, but it has turned out to be obvious that information technology is currently a vital competitive tool in the hospitality industry (Hotelmule, 2010). According to (Branca et al., 2002), improving service quality and enhancing efficiency are the critical functions of information technology in the hospitality industry. ...
Moreover, a lot of researches such as (DiPietro & Wang, 2010; Cho & Olsen, 1998; Nyheim et al., 2004) discuss the role of information technology in strategy building and gaining competitive edge. According to their viewpoints, the information technology has turned into a vital strategic tool for hospitality firms for the reason that it helps them improve their organizational efficiency and strategic competitiveness. Thus, there is an increasing importance of the function that is performed by the information technology in improving a hospitality firms’ competitive edge, and as a result playing a significant role in the success of the hospitality firm. In point of fact, the use of information technology in the hospitality industry has been increasing at a rate quicker than at any other time in the past (DiPietro & Wang, 2010; Cho & Olsen, 1998; Nyheim et al., 2004). One reason of this increase could be the adoption of modern technologies by the younger generations as they became well aware of the usage of IT, thus they want to carry that into their accommodation, lodging and dining experiences. In addition, the decisions regarding the acceptance and implementation of new technology or IT supported systems have become a great deal more critical and as a result the majority of hospitality firms have started to transform their corporate or organization environment in order to upgrade roles and responsibilities for instance building a IT department, hiring technology experts, or a chief information/technology executive to watch over IT related decisions. In the hospitality industry, the implementation of information is vital for a wide variety of purposes. In this scenario, the basic purpose is to more efficiently use technology to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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