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How Artificial Intelligence Is Causing Unemployment in the World - Research Paper Example

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The research question in this paper is if artificial intelligence is a good thing, especially in the labor market. The author of the paper provides the reasons, explanations, and examples of how artificial intelligence is causing unemployment in the world…
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Extract of sample "How Artificial Intelligence Is Causing Unemployment in the World"

Download file to see previous pages As the world embraces technology, more and more tasks are being taken from people and given to machines. This unemployment results in the concentration of wealth in the wealthy few leaving the majority jobless. Artificial intelligence has necessitated the performing of various tasks efficiently and more promptly by the use of machines. A design that could have taken an engineer several days of calculation can just be brought out within seconds after the entry of appropriate data. Artificial intelligence has also been widely used in government and business decision making. Despite the many advantages, the main undoing of this technology is the elimination of regular citizens’ jobs. Unemployment in society is undesirable because it can cause friction between those who are employed and those who are not employed (Boden 651). This technology can only be successful if structural changes can be effected in society including change in the method of distribution of income. These structural adjustments are not possible in society especially the issue of income distribution has been elusive in many countries.

Artificial intelligence in addition to rendering citizens jobless might also cause underemployment. When effecting these new technologies the skills of workers might be upgraded, degraded or polarized (de Witte and Steijn 246). Most of these new technologies lead to the upgrading of skills. The upgrading of skills leads to deskilling of employees rendering their initial skills inadequate making them have a feeling that they are underemployed. Artificial intelligence also leads to jobs that are standardized or following a specific process denying employees a chance to learn while on the job. This leads the workers not to develop new skills or work experiences because they are denied a chance to think, innovate, or discover. The employees feel that they are slaves of machines because they cannot harness their skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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