The Importance of Glasses According to the Famous Theorist of Rhetoric - Research Paper Example

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This paper will explore the different aspects concerned with glasses in the form of an argument. Glasses, formally known as eyeglasses or spectacles, were initially developed for vision correction but currently, they are used for a myriad of reasons including fashion and aesthetic purposes…
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The Importance of Glasses According to the Famous Theorist of Rhetoric
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Glasses According to the Famous Theorist of Rhetoric"

This paper will explore the different aspects concerned with glasses in the form of an argument. Glasses, formally known as eyeglasses or spectacles, were initially developed for vision correction but currently they are used for a myriad of reasons including fashion and aesthetic purposes (Delaney). According to the famous theorist of rhetoric, Professor Lunsford, objects such as glasses have become a part of our lives and as such, many people rarely sit back and think about them. As we walk down the lane or carrying out our daily activities, we cannot miss seeing three, four or even more people wearing glasses. Most people do not take notice until when they have eyesight problems that is when the importance of wearing glasses dawns on them.
The popularity of glasses can no longer be undermined due to their widespread use among people of all walks of life, consequently making this argumentative essay very essential. One of the important uses of sunglasses is protection. Sunglasses can protect our eyes from a number of things depending on the setting (Jia and Guo). Those working in the steel and welding industry generally wear safety glasses to protect their eyes from bright light and even small steel debris (Kawamura, Shoji, and Ohno). The use of sunglasses has also proved to be beneficial in the barring of ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging our eyes.
As the world advances technologically with time, the evolution of glasses is also becoming very much evident. Glasses now come in different sizes and shapes that can fit anyone perfectly. The various types of glasses tend to provide a variety for customers to choose. Most of these glasses used for eyesight correction are usually fit with lenses so as to assist those who are either short sighted or long sighted. Nowadays, we even have contact lenses that directly attach to the eyes and are not fit to any glasses.
Glasses have further influenced our reading culture. Most people tend to believe that wearing glasses makes them read better and focus their attention on nothing else especially those with sight defects. Some people especially those who do not wear glasses tend to perceive those who wear them as people who are interested in reading and books. In the end, the wearing of glasses has to some extent altered our perceptions concerning reading culture. In the fashion sense, it is perceived by some people, that those who wear glasses look more classy and trendy thus influencing how we approach such people. Especially when the glasses involved has some designer name attached to it.
As much as wearing of glasses is loaded with tons of advantages there are arguments that have arisen to oppose their use. It is said that some people find glasses uncomfortable, inconvenient, unattractive and annoying as they tend to fog up in humid and cold environments(Van Kuijk). Some argue that glasses may pose a threat to one who is wearing them especially if the glasses break while still on, thus causing injury to the eye as the tiny glass fragments end up damaging the eye tissue. It is also argued that eyeglasses are not acceptable in some work such as firefighting.
Despite the above arguments, the importance of glasses outweighs to a greater extent its downsides. Some people are not able to see clearly minus the glasses. If they were to miss glasses, then their lives would dramatically change for the worse. Glasses have created employment to those manufacturing them. Those who need them obtain millions of dollars from the purchase of glasses. When the millions of people buy these glasses, the manufacturers pocket a lot of money.
It is clear that glasses are here to stay. They have been there for quite a long time and as time goes by more advances are being made to make glasses even better than they were initially. It’s not really certain where glasses are headed, but despite the many changes it is apparent that they are of more benefit to those using them.
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