Technology in the Next 50 Years - Assignment Example

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The author states that the Pew research center has presented its view on the technological advancements that were only confined to science fictions. The organization did the data analysis by interviewing individuals on what they thought of the American revolutionary advancement…
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Technology in the Next 50 Years
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Article pitch: Technology in the next 50 years Pew research center has presented its view on the technological advancements that were only confined to science fictions as a reality that is possible in the next fifty years. The organization did the actual data analysis through interviewing individuals on what they thought of the American revolutionary advancement in fields such as Bioengineering and robotics (Haller 2). The sample population interviewed was asked to respond to two questions on what the future holds with regards to technological innovations (Haller 4). Their feelings and reactions on the what would be common on the same was also featured. The research basically aimed at knowing the attitude of Americans and what they think would characterize future innovations that they mostly see in science fiction movies.
The findings of the research were interesting. While most people generally considered technological innovations in the next half of the century to be beneficial, 59% thought that human life will be impacted in a very positive manner while 30% think that the technological advancement will lead to more social negatively impacted population than it is today (Haller 7). Many Americans believe that scientific revolution will impact medicine in a very positive way, such as growth of custom organs in the lab, scientists will be able to predict, change and control the weather patterns and also do a lot of space explorations to discover the possibility of life on other planets (Haller 6).
Ten questions about interview questions
1. Many science fiction movies seem to portray a technologically advanced American society in the next half part of the century. How will this impact the society?
2. Will the technological advancement change the social way of life of Americans?
3. On which positive or negative way do you think this will affect the social aspect of life of the ordinary Americans?
4. Technology has its share of both negative and positive implications. How would the society respond the controversial issues that may present themselves?
5. Most people are excited about riding in driverless cars. What appropriately explains this fuss for such technological advancements?
6. It is now possible for meat to be grown in the laboratory. Is it ethical for meat obtained this way to be consumed?
7. Is it socially ethical for individuals to be implanted with computing devices that shows them what is happening around the different places around the world?
8. There has been the controversial issue of the probability to come up with designer babies who are genetically altered DNA to produce smarter an intelligent person. Will parents accept this to be done to their children?
9. Which futuristic inventions would you see people choosing when presented with the option to decide for themselves?
10. Is there a difference in reaction between the older and younger generation on the futuristic perception of technological advancements?
Works Cited
Haller, Cynthia. "Walk, Talk, Cook, Eat: A guide to using sources." n.d. 1 June 2014 . Read More
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Technology in the Next 50 Years Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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