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Cyber attack can be referred to as the computer to computer attacks that are carried out to erase, alter, or steal information or to impede or destroy the functioning of the targeted computer system…
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Network/System Forensics
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"Network/System Forensics"

Download file to see previous pages Cyber attacks fall into three categories; (a) the unauthorized intrusion – the attacker finds a way into the computer system with the use of various techniques such as cracking or hacking or the insider overuses his or her authorized access to perform unauthorized activities to the computer system or on to the network, (b) destructive worms or viruses – they spread from one computer to the other through electronic mail (email) or other types of data exchange media and these worms and viruses cause the loss of functioning on any part of the network, and (c) denial of service (DoS) attacks – they utilize a number of techniques to attack targeted computer system, communication is the mode used and the system is overloaded until its functionality is hampered.
Hacking is the unauthorized intrusion of the computer system or the network, also known as cracking. Hacking can be further categorized into three types. The first type of hacking is the shutting down of the computer system. The computer system can be shut down by the hacker; this problem is recognizable by the administrator and the system can be restored quickly. The second type of hacking is the defacement of the computer system or the network. Defacements alter the information that is on the victim’s computer system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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