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Closed-Circuit Television - Assignment Example

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For years, law enforcement officials have engaged in heated debates about how best to secure its cities and the facilities within them. Manpower shortages and rapidly expanding threat variances have facilitated an environment where technological advancements must be used to neutralize those shortages…
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Closed-Circuit Television
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"Closed-Circuit Television"

Download file to see previous pages The success of CCTV has led many to suggest that it be expanded throughout cities as a way to deter crime and enhance security.
'For instance, most of the sociological and criminological literature on CCTV has been dominated by images of the Panopticon, Jeremy Bentham's proposal, written in 1787, for an architectural system of social discipline, applicable to prisons, factories, workhouses and asylums.'
As you can see, redundant societal security measures have always been considered through the tandem continuity of technological advancements and strategic use of structures and facilities in order to neutralize any problems that could cause security risks due to manpower shortages.
While the theory of expanded use of CCTV has countless potential benefits, there are those who would suggest that the increased coverage area of CCTV could and would infringe on the societal rights of citizens. This opposing contingent believes that citizens have a right to move freely throughout their country without being monitored. They see the use of CCTV as more of a tool of societal repression than a criminal deterrent. Those who represent these views are living in an era where they will have to make tough decisions should a vote for CCTV legislation develop as a result of this topic, as terrorism is a rapidly increasing threat that has made law enforcement official's job of distinguishing between generic criminals and the more dangerous terrorist criminals extremely more difficult. These factors must be reconciled with modern assessment of the following mindsets:
'The old penology was concerned with the identification of the individual criminal for the purpose of ascribing guilt and blame, and the imposition of punishment and treatment.'


This approach represents a time that has long passed, as the days of one matrix criminal assessment groupings is outdated. This is due to changes in societal activity that is affected and manipulated by the economy, size of the civilian population versus the numerical troop strength of law enforcement institutions and the variances of global and region specific threat analysis variables that cause exertive effects on homeland crime rates, as these variables all work in cyclical continuity with one another.
Feeley and Simon believe that modern penology factors are 'concerned with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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