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Building construction is the process of adding in a structure within an own real estate property. It could be observed that when such process is being taken into consideration, the owner holds the responsibility of creating certain plans that would make the structure he is to establish and the real estate where he would place in the establishment would work well together…
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Building Construction
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"Building Construction"

Download file to see previous pages For building structures within an area owned as a property, it should be realized by the owner that they are certain rules to carry into consideration. These legalities include the zoning laws that abound the area where the structure is to be established as well as the construction code that needs to be applied when constructing a certain structure depending on the purpose of the building which could be identified through the zone the area belongs to.
Later on, the consideration on the balance between the design of the structure and the design that it shall be based upon should also be well given attention by the owner and the planner of the construction process. Through this, not only will the establishment be aesthetically presentable but it would also be functional in its best capabilities to be one. It is also through this balance that the budgeting of all the expenses involved could be well manifested into plan. The idea is to ensure that everything falls into the right place to avoid problems during and even after the construction of the building is done.
There are certain questions to ask when noting the legalities of the building process. The ones who are in charge of the planning should know as to what particular zone the area where the establishment is to be built belongs to. What is a zone
Zone is naturally noted as the b...
de on what particular building they should establish within the land they own that would best work for them and the location where the land is situated. Zoning procedures could also help in measuring or leveling the price of the land areas well as the value that it should have in the coming years. The following diagram is used by the government to set the standard of zoning that they imply in the different areas of concern that they need to classify the lands with.
In this diagram, it is obvious how important it is to know where the area is and as to what zone it particularly belongs to is an important part of assuring the legality of the building to be established within the area.
It could be considered then that through knowing this basic part of the plan, the creation of the design of the building could then be pushed through.

After knowing the zone of the area, planning for the design comes along in the process. In this phase of the project, the construction plan creation could be pushed through. However, before anything could be put into writing, there are several things to consider. Here are the guidelines to note when doing an assessment of the area and the building structure that would best fit the measurement of the land and the purpose that they building is supposed to perform.

In this diagram it could be observed that the purpose of the building to be established is supposed to be the main focus of the plan. From here, the planning could begin, planning the budget and controlling the expenses of the construction could be well managed. It could be observed that the process of assessing the area would also tend to increase the capability of the constructed building to perform its function to the best that it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Building Construction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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