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What are the main questions and answers in To Kill a Mockingbird? Describe the themes and style an author uses.

What is the theme? Idea or the most discussed issues in a book?

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updated 1 year ago

What are the major themes in the book?

The theme of the existence of good and evil is evident in the book. Lee dramatizes Scout and Jem’s transition from their childhood, where their innocence makes them believe that some people are considered good because they have not come across evil situations. Their perspective, however, changes when they become adults as they are made to deal with evil situations. The portrayal of their transition reveals to them the existing vices in the society such as hatred and racial prejudice that reap communities apart. Atticus Finch responds to the moral voice to stand up for justice by defending Tom Robinson whose life is consumed by evil. The events in the story portray Atticus as an embodiment of good people, while the legal system, characterized by the jury represents the evil individuals.

The importance of moral education is also a significant theme in the story. Because of the moral rot that is presented in the story, it is important for parents to inculcate positive values in their children. Atticus presents himself as a parent that is determined to raise morally upright children. He insists that Scout and Jem should show respect to other people despite their low economic or social status. On the other hand, Mr. Ewell embodies parents who teach their children to lie and accuse other people falsely. Mr. Ewell assaults his daughter and fixes Tom Robinson with rape charges.

Has Mrs. Lee achieved her motive through the story?

The novel is a success. The issues Mrs. Lee articulates in her writing catch the attention of the readers because they address the major issues affecting the people. Besides, the story attracts both criticism and accolade from the public because of the magnitude of matters raised by the author. She uses a style that is rich in literary expertise such as idiomatic expressions, similes and metaphors that make the story lively. The high level of sales achieved by the author is a sign that she achieved her motive by moving people to read her story. The criticism she receives from her work is an indication that the issues the issues she points out are tangible and affect the society.



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