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updated 9 months ago

What is the main message of the President’s National Drug Control Strategy?

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2 Answers
updated 1 year ago

I took this info from the official President’s website (the White House, President Barak Obama)

It says:

The National Drug Control Strategy outlines our efforts to reduce illicit drug use and its consequences in the United States. Science has shown that a substance use disorder is not a moral failing but rather a disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated. Informed by this basic understanding, the annual Strategies that followed have promoted a balance of evidence-based public health and safety initiatives, including:

  • Preventing drug use in our communities;
  • Seeking early intervention opportunities in health care;
  • Integrating treatment for substance use disorders into health care and supporting recovery;
  • Breaking the cycle of drug use, crime, and incarceration;
  • Disrupting domestic drug trafficking and production;
  • Strengthening international partnerships; and
  • Improving information systems to better address drug use and its consequences.

The Strategy emphasizes the Administration’s commitment to confronting the prescription drug misuse and heroin epidemic. Beyond its function as a guide for shaping drug policy, the Strategy is a useful resource for anyone interested in learning what is being done—and what other work can be done— to stop drug production and trafficking, prevent drug use, and provide care for those with substance use disorders. For parents, teachers, community leaders, law enforcement officers, elected officials, ordinary citizens, and others concerned about the health and safety of our young people, the Strategy is a valuable tool that not only informs but also can serve as a catalyst to spark positive change.

updated 1 year ago

Well, as for me there is nothing new in that message. President’s and their administrations are fighting Drugs from the time America exists. The message from the official Obama’s website, presented here says literary nothing about the actions government will perform. They are more likely to describe some kind of strategy, which, of course, is important, but not enough to be helpful.

Also, we do not take the true reasons for Drug abuse into account. Probably, the fight against unemployment and, f.e., a guarantee of the basic income for poor people would do much more, than big words on the President’s website.

I kinda hate that people always try to cover the consequences, instead of taking care of the true reasons. It is like somebody benefits from the society’s suffering.

Still, let's move back to the ‘main message.’ If you’d ask me, I would say, that the main message here is ‘We do everything we can, nothing it is.’

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