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Identify ways to ensure that evidence of abuse is preserved

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In handling this question, having facts about evidence protection is vital. You will probably need some general knowledge in criminology. Priority, when there is suspicion of an abusive act to have taken place, is given to a protection of the affected person first and foremost. He or she is the first living evidence of abuse. The first question to explore in such circumstances is whether a criminal felony has actually happened. Secondly, is there a need for some medical assistance? Once those two issues have been handled carefully, then the process of safeguarding the evidence can start. In identifying what part of the evidence is, three items should be considered. The person in it, place of occurrence, and property involved. Most common types of abuse crimes include rape, domestic violence, verbal abuse, discriminatory abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse and psychological abuse among others.

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Well, if you are about to write a paper on this topic, I think you would need more info than you can get via Q&A. Here you can look for a short summary of the issue or find a good intro. I’d suggest you look through this two papers. Hope it helps.

-  what evidence is there to suggest that children who abuse others had victims of abuse themselves?

-  Different Ways in Collecting Physical Evidence

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To add, I’d note that the protection of abuse evidence can take many forms.

First, in case of rape or sexual assault the affected individual should not wash or change their garments. The one who is handling the evidence must wear possibly plastic gloves to avoid tampering with the evidence.

Secondly, if the crime scene had CCTV surveillance, the first step is securing the contents of the footage.

Third, for high-value crimes that have witnesses of the abuse, all measures should be taken to protect the witness and ensure he or she records a statement with the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Fourth, for financial abuse, al make sure that everyone in the crime scene leaves their belongings like checkbooks, financial records, and bank statement in their natural and original place.

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