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why is religion important?

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Religion is important due to a number of reasons. I’ll tell you those that come to my mind first.

#1. It sets up basic moral rules

Let’s agree; it would be tough to live if there were no boundaries and ethical limitations. Most of them come from various religions. They set up basic rules for people’s coexistence.

#2. It helps people socialize

Religion gathers loads of people around its idea. Thus creates groups of people, who share the same interests, beliefs, and lifestyle. When going further, it builds communities or even settlements, that lead a common life. Such a lifestyle is great for lonely and abandoned people, who cannot find respect or support anywhere else. Religious communities usually accept everybody due to high moral standards they are preaching.

#3. It vanishes the fear of death

There is a theory religion emerged because of the fear of death. Thus people needed some comfort to stop being terrified by the unknown. So they imagined the life after death and started believing it.

#4. Provides guidance

Loads of religions offer specific lifestyle rules to follow in daily life. Those can serve a great deal for people who are lost and don’t know what to do with their lives. Usually, those lost people fall for alcohol or drugs, but religion offers the other path.

#5. Sets up a big goal

Typically, each religion contains some promise of the afterlife reward in case the follower is successful in his present life. Thus it sets up a big target for life and makes loads of people follow high standard moral rules in daily life. Even if they fail to follow each of them, religion makes them feel sorry and improve the mistake, for it also counts.

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