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Who wrote “A farewell to arms?”

What personal experience of the writer inspired the events of the novel? Did the author have something to do with arms? Was he a military man?

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The story was written by Ernest Hemingway and was published in 1929. He was an American journalist, novelist and short story writer. He considered as one of the greatest American novelists of the twentieth century. The author was born on the 21st of July 1899 in Cicero, presently known as Oak Park in Illinois, Chicago to Clarence and Grace Hemingway. Hemingway grew up in the conservative Chicago suburb; frequently spent time in northern Michigan. The family cabin there and he learnt to appreciate the outdoors, and how to fish and hunt. While attending high school, Hemingway worked in the school newspaper writing primarily on sports. After graduating, he joined the Kansas City Star where he honed his distinctive writing style; stripped-down prose style.

He served in the First World War in 1918 where he worked as a driver for the military ambulance in Italy. He was awarded the Italian Silver Medal for Bravery. He soon landed in hospital due to injuries sustained in the war, he was hospitalized in Milan. It is believed that while he was at the hospital he met Agnes von Kurowsky, a nurse, and proposed. She accepted his marriage proposal but left him for another. This shattered him but provided good material for writing his story A Farewell to Arms and A Very Short Story. Hemingway returned to the US. He moved to Paris after marrying Hadley Richardson.

The author committed suicide on July 2nd 1961 in Ketchum Idaho. He was renowned for writing brilliant novels such as The Old Man and the Sea, Men Without Women, For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Sun Also Rises. He was awarded a Pulitzer in 1953 for The Old Man and the Sea. In 1954 he received a Nobel Prize.

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