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Theresa Long
updated 9 months ago

How is knowledge based on relationship with Christ different than the type of knowledge we can gain from health care information systems.

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1 Answer
updated 10 months ago

You are right saying that religious knowledge and the one based on a factual information belong to different knowledge types.

The first type concerns a moral dimension of preparing to the work in healthcare sphere. Since nursing presupposes working with people that are in hard mental or physical condition, it requires developed feelings of empathy and tolerance. Such attitude cannot be established only through the norms and working standards that regulate worker’s behavior. On the contrary, it should be developed on a deeper spiritual level, particularly through the deepening of the relationship with Christ. In other words, working in healthcare requires proper spiritual preparation that can be provided through the learning of Christian ethical doctrine.

Healthcare information systems give a factual knowledge that allows implementing the ethical principles of Christianity in practice. They form the basis of what a healthcare specialist must know from the professional point of view to be able to provide good service to the patients. Talking precisely, ‘healthcare information systems’ is a term that refers to a range of systems that gather, store, manage and deliver data that are related to a health condition of an individual. Organizing of such systems allows providing information management, which in its turn, enables providing the qualified help based on precise data. These data shows a dynamic of health condition and makes a health decision-making well-grounded. More about the information systems in healthcare you can learn from this paper and know more about knowledge management in healthcare check out this essay.

So this type of knowledge forms a subject of what healthcare workers know to provide a proper service to the patients. It is a factual and practical basis of healthcare in general. It tells us what is needed to be done.

The first of mentioned types of knowledge (regard Christ’s teachings) brings us an understanding of the context for helping the people in need. In short, it reveals the fundamentals of caring in its ethical context.

Summing up, the info systems tell us what to do to help sick people. Christ, in its turn, explains to us why and for what we help them.


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