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Descriptive Statistics - Assignment Example

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Statistical analysis of data provides objective and comparable means of understanding the trends seen in the sample and consequently in the population (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). The most basic type of statistical analysis is the use of statistics that are descriptive…
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Descriptive Statistics
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"Descriptive Statistics"

Download file to see previous pages For the data presented; the descriptive statistics help in understanding the extent of spread of scores, the aggregate score s of groups of participants, and the most representative scores in different groups(Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). For the control group, it is evident that the scores on both variables – Depression and the number of candy bars eaten – are higher than the group receiving CBT. The control group had a Mean score of 5.3 and a Median and Modal score of 5 for candy bars eaten. The range of the scores was 4 and variance was 1.79 while Standard Deviation was 1.34. The CBT group had a Mean and Median score of 1.5 and Modal scores of 1 and 2. The range of the scores was 3, with a variance of 1.17 and a Standard deviation of 1.08. For the whole sample, the Mean was 3.40 and mode was 5 while median was 3.50 while range was 8, variance was 5.2 and Standard deviation was 2.28. For both the groups; the Mean, Median and Mode are quite close and this may be interpreted to mean that these groups are somewhat normally distributed, though the CBT group is a bimodal group with two adjacent modes. For all three measures of central tendency, the Control group had higher scores as compared to the CBT group. The control group also had higher scores on all measures of dispersion, showing that there was more variability in the control group’s scores than the CBT groups. The measures of variability were highest for the whole sample showing that all participants together had more variance in their scores.
The same trend was noticed for depression scores with CBT group scoring lower than the control group. The control group had a mean score of 72.2, a median of 74.5 and a mode of 72. The range of scores was 32 with a variance of 87.57 and a Standard deviation of 9.36. The mean score for the CBT group was 40.8, the median was 40 and the mode was 35. Although the control group had similar mean, mode and median showing a relatively normal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Descriptive Statistics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Descriptive Statistics
...and analysis by relying on factor analysis and internal reliability examinations. Descriptive Statistics Descriptive statistics are utilised in order to describe the major characteristics of a data set (Dodge, 2003). The contention in utilising descriptive statistics is to summarise the data set for analysis. In addition, descriptive statistics ensure that the respondents for a study all fall into the sub group being studied. For example, in the current research the aim is to describe the brand image habits and perceptions of ordinary consumers from the middle class. In this case,...
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Descriptive Statistics
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Descriptive Statistics
...?Critique of the Report on the Effectiveness of the New Drug for Pro Cancer The following is a review on the article that reported on the effectiveness of the new drug for prostate cancer. This review will show that the research team made critical errors in interpreting the statistical information that it was able to derive using the data found in Table 1. Table 1. Number of weeks the patient lived after taking the drug Patient Number No. of Weeks 1 3 2 5 3 6 4 6 5 8 6 8 7 9 8 9 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 45 Figures in Table 1 represent a data set with a mean of 10.75 and a standard deviation of 11.02. This indicates that with the new drug, the patients lived longer on the average, reaching up to 10.75 weeks of living (Creswell,...
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Descriptive Statistics
...DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Gender of Respondents The fifty (50) respondents who responded to the questionnaire provided by the researcher were made to make available their gender. Collection of data on the gender of the respondents was necessary to affect decision making for analysis of results in determining whether or not a 2-tier curriculum could have any impact on the academic success of students. In all, there were twenty four (24) males and twenty six (26) females. This shows that there was a great balance in the selection of candidates according to their gender (Berry, 2005). The table below gives a representation of the gender of the respondents in terms of percentage. Gender Number of...
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Descriptive Statistics
...Give several examples of how descriptive statistics are used in everyday life. What advice would you give to others when interpreting statistics? Descriptive statistics are used to describe the sample we are concerned with (Gaten, 2000). They provide a simple summary of the quantitative analysis of data in a simpler and manageable form (Trochim, 2006). They are used in several way in our everyday lives. For students like me, descriptive statistic comes in the form of my GPA or General Point Average, which summarizes my performance across all the academic subjects I took in various discipline in just one figure. For...
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Descriptive statistics
...with statistics unless the data have been recorded in a numeric form. The first step therefore will be to assign scores to the different quantitative responses, followed by data entry done using the relevant statistical software or Excel. The research will examine both the single item scores and the summed scores (Clark & Creswell, 2010) as part of its detailed analysis to address the research question, the descriptive statistics obtained will be summarized in tables. Various outputs from the statistical analysis tools will be included as part of the findings. As per Clark and Creswell (2010) the models will be accompanied by the ANOVA and T-test tables...
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Descriptive Statistics
...Descriptive statistics Consider this scenario: You are on the Board of Directors of the National Parkinsons Association. Two different research labs are working on medications to decrease the debilitating effects of the disease. Your responsibility is to review and evaluate both of the results from the research studies and make recommendations for future funding. You can only fund one of the two. Patients and their families are anxiously waiting for the Board of Directors to make a decision on which of the two can be funded. Part I: Your first task it to do the following calculations for both of the results that have been submitted to you. Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Standard Deviation (are there outliners...
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...Descriptive Statistics Descriptive statistics usually helps a researcher analyse the measures of central tendency of the raw data collected from the experiment. A numerical summary of the data assists the researchers create a more meaningful presentation of data by using visual implications like tables and charts. In the pilot study, the researcher created four subscales in research self-efficacy and monitored their performance under various conditions. By using Research Publication on the nurses, the researcher resolves whether the experience of education may influence their research self-efficacy. The descriptive statistics from the...
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Descriptive Statistics
...Descriptive Statistics Analysis of Article The descriptive statistics in this study was cross-sectional given that it entailed the listing of responsive items for the study and interviewing of the respondents. The study employed the use of means and percentages to outline its outcomes. For instance, averagely, the study notes that approximately 100 children are being killed as cyclists in the US. Subsequently, the study uses measures of spread such as standard deviation in the analysis of the results by the use of aspects such as out if the 113,476 telephone numbers of respondents sampled, 59% were ineligible, 28% had their eligibility unknown and only 13% were eligible....
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Descriptive statistics
...Descriptive Statistics Descriptive Statistics refers to the field of analysing data that helps in the or summary of data in a meaningful way. For example, descriptive data might help to show the patterns that emerge from the data analysed. Descriptive data does not allow statisticians or researchers to reach conclusions beyond the analysed data, or conclude on a given hypothesis made. It is simply a way of summarising data meaningfully. One of the advantages of descriptive statistics is that it enhances good and easy visualisation of the meaning of data.1 When there is a lot of data to be presented,...
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