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Statistical Analysis of Pig Growth Rates in Vietnam - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of the study is to compare growth performance of two western breeds of pigs from Landrace and Yorkshire by analyzing the effect of the different factors monitored in isolation and combined on the growth of pigs represented by their average weight after twenty-one days of their birth.  …
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Statistical Analysis of Pig Growth Rates in Vietnam
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Download file to see previous pages Climate and nutrition highly affect the growth rates of domestic animals especially pigs. In Vietnam, farmers lack the knowledge to provide adequate conditions of nutrition and weather protection to have a good growth rate average of pigs they raise (Phuoc & Ngoan 2005). Research is being conducted on different effects of weather, nutrition, and other factors to determine the factors that mostly affect the growth rates of pigs. In this study, two western breeds of pigs from Landrace and Yorkshire were monitored in a number of farms in Vietnam. The data of litter mortality, birth weight, a farm of origin, year of birth, and weight of big after twenty-one days concerning a sample of one thousand pigs were collected and recorded.
Data were analyzed by ANOVA, linear models, t-tests, regression, and other statistical methods using Office Excel 2003. To determine the relationship between the Day 21 average piglet weight and the various influences monitored during the experiment such as breed, the farm of origin, year of birth, litter mortality and birth weight,  the following Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression analyses were examined.
The non-numerical value of Breed was coded numerically so that Breed equals one for Landrace (L) piglets and equals to zero for Yorkshire (Y). Regression analysis was applied with the numerical representation of breed as the independent variable and the dependent variable Day 21 average weight. Table 1 summarizes the results of the regression analysis. Table 1 shows adjusted R-squared of -0.00078 which means the independent variable breed predicts 0.07% of the dependent variable Day 21 average piglet weight. T-stat for this variable is 0.46674 so it is statistically insignificant. Both values indicate changes in breed do not affect the Day 21 average piglet weight.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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