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Aggressive Breast Cancer Vs.Suicide Rates - Term Paper Example

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This is a study aimed to compare the relationship of the suicides rates with aggressive breast cancer. Aggressive breast cancer is has been mentioned to lead to depression, therefore I seek to establish where patients of this form of breast cancer are prone to commit suicide…
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Aggressive Breast Cancer Vs.Suicide Rates
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Download file to see previous pages To achieve my goal, I collected data from the American Cancer Society of both the suicidal rates and aggressive breast cancer rate from thirty states in United States randomly. This data is more recent (2010).
Breast cancer is one of the most fatal and prevalent of all killer diseases and ranks in the top three killers of women in the USA, though it also affects men. Meanwhile there has been an association of the aggressive breast cancer with suicides in the United States. In this study, I will conduct statistical test to verify this relationship of aggressive breast cancer with rates of suicides. My hypothetical theory is that victims of the aggressive breast cancer are more prone to commit suicide. I anchor my theory to the worrying trend of the increasing mental anxiety and depression among the aggressive breast cancer patients.
To achieve my objective of linking suicide rates to aggressive breast cancer condition, I collected data for the suicides rates and aggressive breast cancer from thirty states. I subjected this data to statistical analysis to establish a link in these two variables. These states were collected randomly.
PRESENTATION OF RAW DATA AND DISCUSSION ARRAY OF ALL DATA FROM THE THIRTY STATES Presentation of data on arrayed form with discussion  Table 1: Female Breast Cancer Incidence and Suicide Rates in thirty states (2002-2006) State Breast Cancer Incidence Suicide Rates Alabama 114.9 23.2 Alaska 128.9 22.0 Arkansas 113.9 22.8 California 128.0 23.9 Colorado 123.7 22.6 Connecticut 137.5 24.3 Delaware 123.8 23.5 Florida 115.9 21.8 Georgia 120.7 22.5 Hawaii 139.1 21.7 Idaho 118.7 22.5 Illinois 124.1 24.2 Indiana 115.1 24.2 Iowa 124.3 22.8 Kansas 125.2 24.2 Kentucky 118.8 24.4 Maine 128.0 23.4 Massachusetts 134.6 24.4 Missouri 122.2 25.3 Montana 118.8 23.0 Nevada 115.1 24.9 New Jersey 132.6 27.3 New Mexico 115.6 23.4 Oklahoma 127.6 25.0 Oregon 130.5 24.2 Pennsylvania 124.1 25.9 Rhode Island 129.6 23.5 South Carolina 121.2 22.8 Virginia 121.4 24.4 Wyoming 118.2 22.9 Source: Source Incidence 4, 2009 Data which is to be subjected to statistical tests for ascertain the relationship of the two variables. The data is listed alphabetically according to states Array of aggressive breast cancer incidence in thirty states data, in descending order State Aggressive Breast Cancer Incidence Suicide Rates 1. Hawaii 139.1 21.7 2. Connecticut 137.5 24.3 3. Massachusetts 134.6 24.4 4. New Jersey 132.6 27.3 5. Oregon 130.5 24.2 6. Rhode Island 129.6 23.5 7. Alaska 128.9 22.0 8. California 128.0 23.9 9. Maine 128.0 23.4 10. Oklahoma 127.6 25.0 11. Kansas 125.2 24.2 12. Iowa 124.3 22.8 13. Illinois 124.1 24.2 14. Pennsylvania 124.1 25.9 15. Delaware 123.8 23.5 16. Colorado 123.7 22.6 17. Missouri 122.2 25.3 18. Virginia 121.4 24 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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