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The Formula One Motorsport - Research Paper Example

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The paper “The Formula One Motorsport” will describe some of the things planners, governments and critics of motorsport events regarding the Formula One racing go through whenever a race is scheduled. It will explain some of the factors, that make the race favorable among other motorsports…
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The Formula One Motorsport
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Download file to see previous pages Formula one motorsport is one of the most exciting games. It is a sport that incorporates motocross racing. It is highly exhilarating, both to the participants and to the spectators. On the other hand, it has elicited mixed reactions in some parts of the world. It is nowadays not a new phenomenon to find people who get agitated due to the sport. The paper describes the formula one sport. It highlights its history together with the historical implications associated with it, economic issues, cultural perspectives, the sanctioning bodies as well as the science that drove to the technology being utilized in the sport.
Formula one racing is a motorsport that is characterized by open-wheeled race cars. They are single-seat races, implying that there are no co-drivers in the sport. The sport began in 1906. It is at this time that France held its first ever Grand Prix, an event that was organized and implemented by the Automobile Club de France. Being the first time the race was organized, the event organizers did not anticipate much success. However, at the end of the sporting activity, an evaluation indicated that the sports success had superseded the set expectations. Harris (2007) posits that the first event attracted about thirty-two cars. The event took place in Le Mans with the cars covering sixty-five miles. The first Formula One race was won by Levassor using the Panhard ET Levassor car. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Formula One Motorsport Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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