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A Power Play for Howard in Many Acts - Assignment Example

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This essay explores how can Juwan Howard be convinced to play for the team given the limited budget for total salaries of players taking the point of view of Washington Bullets…
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A Power Play for Howard in Many Acts
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that West Unseld, Bullet General Manager, was the very first to offer Juwan Howard a $78.4 million 7-year contract and commended him for his loyalty. The NBA Star felt his market value was higher. He valued loyalty and would feel sad about leaving Washington. But he was considering that a much better offer would be worth the sacrifice. Bill Brubaker and Mark Asher (1996) reported that Miami Heat NBA Team bid $100.8 million + other benefits for a 7-year contract “with luxury hotel suites and limousine service” to win over Juwan Howard. The entire Washington NBA enthusiasts needed to see the Bullets win. People saw that Juwan Howard could make that happen because of his height, shooting, rebound, and assist averages, and his attitude of being polite, soft-spoken, and charitable. However, his cash compensation from the viewpoint of the team’s General Manager was not satisfactory considering that he had been receiving better offers. Grant Hill of Detroit, Alonzo Mourning of Miami Heat, and Patrick Ewing of New York Knicks were inviting him to join their teams. So he tried asking for a much higher compensation. Such problems can be identified in this case: Taking the point of view of Miami Heat, how can Juwan Howard be convinced to take a stand for his decision to sign the first contract and be supportive for the arbitration contesting the results of bidding? (How can the basketball fans of the Bullets be satisfied with whatever will be the decision of Juwan Howard? How can the NBA League officials and the Union appease all parties of the negotiation, including the fans? How can Juwan Howard achieve his goal to get what he believes to be the market value of his basketball skills? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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