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The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream - Literature review Example

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The following paper 'The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream' gives detailed information about the American Dream and its obvious delusiveness which are the main ideas of Arthur Miller’s masterpiece. Biff Loman and Willy Loman are the most important characters in the play…
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The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream
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Extract of sample "The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream"

Download file to see previous pages The desire for fame and prosperity is not a desire of personality, it is a desire of masses. On the other hand, working with your own hands in the open air in the field is a truly beautiful dream and that is why Biff’s dream was meant to be righteous, his dream went out from his heart and not from the desire to be liked like his father’s.
Each main character in this brilliant and incredible social drama has his own imagination of an American dream and their belief in this dream depends on their past and present condition in life and further possibilities or opportunities for improvement and prosperity. For the father of the family, old and sore Willy Loman American Dream is identical to the powerful charisma. In other words for Willy to be liked, respected and well treated is an American dream and everything else like prosperity, success and happiness will follow those who are popular and well-liked. For example, when Willy tries to get work in town instead of going on long trips which he can’t afford because of his age and health condition he relies on his charisma and gets fired instead of what he was asking for. Willy Loman worked hard all his life and wanted his sons to succeed where he failed even though he didn’t realize it until the end. Willy Loman’s vision of the American Dream is completely wrong, and one scene in a very direct way describes his approach towards the American dream. It is when Biff speaks about how he made fun of his math teacher because of his lisp and all Willy concerned about is whether kids like it or not:
Biff Loman’s vision of American Dream goes in a right direction but he is not sure of of himself. His happiness lies in great outdoors, working with his hands on the land, in his own ranch, farm. In other words, he is in a condition between the devil and the deep blue sea. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream Literature review, n.d.)
The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream Literature review.
(The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream Literature Review)
The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream Literature Review.
“The Death of a Salesman and Elements of the American Dream Literature Review”.
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