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Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide - Assignment Example

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The purpose of this paper “Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide” is to evaluate the usefulness of cultural relativism in addressing social and cultural phenomena, such as female circumcision and infanticide, through the use of ethnographic materials…
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Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide
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Extract of sample "Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide"

Download file to see previous pages in context’ (Dilley, 1999, 1), an investigative technique espoused to explain, and definitely make some reasonably genuine sense of, information from ethnography. The suggestion is that anthropologists who attempt to understand social and cultural trends do so with ethnographic materials, hence, to something referred to as ‘cultural relativism’.
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the usefulness of cultural relativism in addressing social and cultural phenomena, such as female circumcision and infanticide, through the use of ethnographic materials. The evidently simple idea that it is a relativism that provides shape to our interpretation poses significant concerns about the definition and application of the notion of ‘context’. The essence of context as a methodical instrument is emphasized in relation to frameworks in social anthropology that highlight the equivalence illustrating social or cultural institutions as texts (Dilley, 1999).
Therefore, context is a tool that anthropologists use to unravel hidden meanings and more profound knowledge or to put forth particular forms of interpretation and certain kinds of explanation. This paper will, then, attempt to provide an overview of the major interpretations of cultural relativism to the issues of female circumcision and infanticide.
Western feminists, ethicists, and medical practitioners denounce the cultural genital mutilation conducted on women in several African and Asian cultures. But constructing moral opinion is not the crux of the matter for anthropologists. Practitioners of social anthropology advocate that people should make a decision about their judgments. Moreover, they encourage people to learn to respect local trends for cultural interpretation and change (Beattie, 1999).
The issue of traditional female genital circumcision has been massively and forcefully debated in the international arena since the latter part of the 1970s. The debate usually comes to a deadlock between two. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide Assignment, n.d.)
Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide Assignment.
(Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide Assignment)
Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide Assignment.
“Cultural Relativism: Female Circumcision and Infanticide Assignment”.
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