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Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia - Assignment Example

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The research paper “Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia” is intended to present the results and interpretation of a quantitative research study conducted among the Australian household. The statistical survey strives to investigate the difference in the pay scales of men and women in Australia…
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Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia
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Extract of sample "Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages With no exception, the sixth-largest country of the world Australia also encounters the problem of the gender wage gap and the statistics clearly evident that this gap is continuously widening in the country (Lyons and Smith, 2008, p14).
The issue of the gender gap in wages is a great point of concern for the workers, labor unions and authorities. The difference in men’s and women’s salaries was intensely realized during the 1970s and this consciousness was followed by a wave of campaigns and protests that stipulate bringing fairness and balance in the pay scales of men and women (Budig, 2002, p204). The advocates of reducing the gender gap put forward the notion that despite performing the same duties and responsibilities, the women are mostly paid unfairly lesser than men. The gender gap is waging tend to draw a strong impact upon the volume of lifetime earnings and pension of men and women. Most of the time, it badly affects women as they are usually less paid than men. When women are paid low, they receive lesser pensions and ultimately the chances of poverty among the elderly women increases (Budig, 2002, p204). The employment hours also count towards the salaries differences among men and women and it is revealed from the study that more working hours an individual spend in working, more they can expect to receive in terms of money. Thus, the wages also depend upon the working hours. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia Assignment, n.d.)
Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia Assignment.
(Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia Assignment)
Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia Assignment.
“Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia Assignment”.
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Many academic and workplace studies have attempted to explain why this gap exists because such forms of discriminatory wage practices are a form of inefficient allocation of economic resources (Wharton, 2006; Blau & Kahn, 1992).

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