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Caring for a Relative with Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Caring for a Relative with Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden” the author looks at Alzheimer’s disease, which occurs between the age of 40 and 90 with the greatest risk coming after the age of 65. The lives of the family members of an Alzheimer patient can be deeply affected…
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Caring for a Relative with Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden
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Extract of sample "Caring for a Relative with Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden"

Download file to see previous pages The family members face social isolation as they do not find time for themselves or for others. They experience stress and physical health decline. This issue is of special relevance for nursing because most often institutionalization takes place. The Alzheimer patients are admitted to the hospital where the nurses have to deal not just with the patient but be in constant touch with the primary caregiver as well. Nurses need to understand the carers’ experience and help them reduce stress. They need to be responsive to the needs of the carers. It also strengthens their partnership which could be beneficial in providing better care to the patient. Understanding caregivers’ experiences and coping reactions will assist the nurses to develop strategies to reduce caregiver burden.
Papastavrou, Kalokerinou, Papacostas, Tsangari & Sourtzi published a paper titled Caring for a relative with dementia: family caregiver burden in 2007. The purpose of the research was to determine the responsibility and the stress of the caregivers when providing care to a dementia patient. The relationship between cognitive impairment and burden was not very clear from previous researches and this was one of the areas that Papastavrou et al., wanted to explore. The researchers wanted to find a relationship between caregiver responsibility and the patient’s behavior, the possible reasons behind the caregiver’s depression, the effect of coping strategies, and the impact of institutionalization of the patient reduced the burden on the caregivers. They wanted to determine the consequences of burden and whether gender plays a role in the experience of burden.
The burden of caregiving dementia was explored within the framework of General Stress Theory as caregiver burden is an acute reaction to providing care. The framework included many factors like the relationship of the caregiver to the patient, the severity of the patient’s behavioral problems. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Caring for a Relative with Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden Assignment - 2, n.d.)
Caring for a Relative with Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden Assignment - 2.
(Caring for a Relative With Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden Assignment - 2)
Caring for a Relative With Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden Assignment - 2.
“Caring for a Relative With Dementia: Family Caregiver Burden Assignment - 2”.
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