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Connection between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Connection between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations,” the author looks at the Catholic Church, which is in great dispute over its history of relations with the Jews. "Who killed Christ?" has always been the justification of the Church over the issue of the persecution of the Jews. …
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Connection between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations
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Extract of sample "Connection between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations"

Download file to see previous pages A history of anti-Semitism and it is a prevalent belief in Christendom that the Jews, as the murderers of Christ, deserve all possible sufferings is the reason that Hitler's massacre of the Jews was met with silent acceptance from the vast majority of his subjects. The continued anti-Semitic feelings of the Church stem from Christian teachings based on interpretations of the New Testament that have also contributed to the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews in Europe over the centuries.
In 1814, Jews in the Papal States were locked into cramped ghettos at night, were forbidden to practice law or medicine, to hold public office or to hire Christian servants. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Europe, Jews were increasingly free to live as they wanted. These practices were the inspiration for the racial laws enacted by the Nazis and the Italian Fascists in the 1930s. After the fall of the Papal States in 1870, the Church's hostility towards the Jews began to take an even more disturbing form. No longer simply loathed as unbelievers, the Jews became hated symbols of secular modernity.
With varying degrees of enthusiasm, the German Catholic Church sympathized with, if not actually supported the Nazis. Their views on communism, socialism, liberalism, and freemasonry were similar to those of the Nazis. Though these Church leaders were concerned with some aspects of the National Socialist regime, they did virtually nothing to stem the growing tide of anti-Semitism. Some of them even agreed with the Nazi ideals to "endeavor to maintain the purity of the German blood and German race" and to fight the Jews "hegemony in finance, the destructive influence of the Jews in religion, morality, literature, and art, and political and social life." (The Catholic Church and the Holocaust, pg 23). Hitler was inaugurated as Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, with 52% of the votes. To make constitutional changes, the National Socialists needed two-thirds of the votes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Connection between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations Assignment, n.d.)
Connection between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations Assignment.
(Connection Between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations Assignment)
Connection Between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations Assignment.
“Connection Between Holocaust and Jewish-Christian Relations Assignment”.
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