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In order to locate the resources that provided me with the information on it, I decided to use different serves by Google. At first I used Google Books to locate reliable printed materials, such as books. Then I used Google…
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Topic redesign The topic that I chose deals with gender inequality. In order to locate the resources that provided mewith the information on it, I decided to use different serves by Google. At first I used Google Books to locate reliable printed materials, such as books. Then I used Google Scholar to locate articles that were printed or published online. Finally, I used the search engine to find web sites that dealt with the topic.
The first source that I found is titled Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century New Barriers and Continuing Constraints and was written by Jacqueline L. Scott, Rosemary Crompton, and Clare Lyonette. I think that this book will provide me with a broad perspective on the topic. The second source is a journal that is titled An Ambivalent Alliance: Hostile and Benevolent Sexism as Complementary Justifications for Gender Inequality which was written by Peter Glick and Susan T. Fiske. I believe that it reflect a more practical approach toward the problem. The third source that I engaged is a web page that has the title Gender Inequality and Women in the Workplace, but there is no identifiable author. I decided to use this source to gain the latest information on the topic since web pages are constantly updated and provide one with the most recent information.
Speaking of the first source that was mentioned, I think that it is rather credible since the book was published and read by other scholars. It is based on factual information. It relates to the topic of gender inequality in many ways, particularly giving broad analysis, engaging experience of different countries. There can be no doubt in its objectivity as the book was written by several authors and they should have agreed their view in the topic prior to publishing. That is why the position that is articulated in the book can hardly be biased.
As for the second source, it should also be seen as credible. Indeed, this article appeared in the peer reviewed journal and, therefore, in case it had any biased it would be criticized by the academic community. In the text the author express their views on the topic of gender inequality, suggesting that this is a rather controversial topic that should be analyzed from different points of view, but it should never be seen as positive to any party that is involved. Keeping in mind that there are two authors and the clearly state the sources that they used, one can hardly say that the article is biased or no objective.
The third source is a web site. The fact that it is a blog of Harvard Summer School surely contributes to its credibility; however, since there is no identification of author, it can hardly be called a very reliable source. It is relevant to the topic as it describes gender inequality that happens in the workplace. In spite of the fact that the text directly refers to the statistics that was collected by the United States government, the very genre of it provides a considerable amount of room for subjectivity.
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