Chimicals waste from big companies how are they distroying the earth - Research Paper Example

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The paper delves on the companies’ chemical waste products. The paper focuses on the effects of the dumping of chemical waste products into the earth’s land,…
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Chimicals waste from big companies how are they distroying the earth
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Download file to see previous pages In some cases, people who inhaled the hazardous waste chemical fumes died. The air pollutants rise up to the ozone layer, destroying the earth’s breathing space. The chemical waste fumes cause acid rain. The chlorofluorocarbon or CFC waste chemicals used in refrigerators and air conditioner deplete the atmosphere’s ozone layer. The depletion triggers global warming. The companies’ sulfur oxide wastes and nitrogen oxide chemical wastes pollute the forests, marine life, and the earth atmospheres’ ozone layer (Haight 286).
Further, hazardous chemical waste can be classified as chemical products that may cause harm or hazard on the earth’s environment and its inhabitants. The RCRA also defines hazardous waste as waste falling under the Clean Water Act, the Clear Air Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act and the RCRA. For example, people acknowledge certain chemical waste products may trigger, poisoning incidents, explosions or fires. The companies’ benzene chemical waste product increases cancer occurrences. Benzene and other hydrocarbon chemical waste products can trigger the occurrences of birth defects among the pregnant mothers (Theodore 84). The companies’ hazardous chemical waste products can be easily identified. The products include those that will release toxic fumes. The toxic fumes negatively affect the earth’s food sources and animals. The hazardous chemical waste products can irritate or literally damage the individuals’ skin or lungs (Spoolman 553).
Furthermore, certain waste products are classified as toxic in nature. Polychlorinated byphenyls or PCBs is one of the companies’ toxic chemical waste products. Asbestos is the companies’ other toxic chemical waste product. Radon another companies’ toxic chemical waste product. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA qualifies certain company chemical waste products are harmful to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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