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Claire Berlinskis Polemic Ban the Burqa - Book Report/Review Example

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The author in the following book review "Claire Berlinski's Polemic Ban the Burqa" mentions that the reader is versed in the opposing opinion with regards to the wearing of the burqa and/or head covering in what the author describes as a “civilized society"…
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Claire Berlinskis Polemic Ban the Burqa
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Extract of sample "Claire Berlinskis Polemic Ban the Burqa"

Download file to see previous pages Shifting to the isolated cases of sexual violence that take place in the lawless suburbs of Paris is an effective tactic due to the fact that it instantly congeals the reader’s impression of Islam as naturally given to sexual violence, rape specifically, and depicts the male adherents as little more than sexually deviant thugs who are more than willing to cast aside all decency that a host culture, such as France, may have gifted them as a means of punishing those who dare to show a bit of self-expression and freedom of strict Islamic tradition. As a function of shifting the debate from the broad to the specific, the author is able to convince the reader that her specific point of view is the most rational. This rhetorical approach is not unique; however, Berlinski applies it masterfully. Right after eviscerating Islamic European culture for being broken, immoral, and unrestrained, Berlinski states, “Yet the burqa must be banned. All forms of veiling must be, if not banned, strongly discouraged and stigmatized”.
The argument deviates further from the subject matter when Berlinski brings in the topic of gynaecological examinations of girls within many of the recent immigrant communities within Europe. Although it is not the function of this author to make a moral judgment with regards to whether or not such a fascination with sexual chastity is right or wrong, it should also not be something that the author herself relies on with regards to making her point with respect to the legitimacy and/or legality of wearing traditional Islamic head coverings in public places. Such a distraction is both unwarranted and unnecessary as it merely draws attention away from the key point which was sought to be relayed to the reader. Though this represents a separate issue that arguably retains a level of moral judgment and religious and societal tie ins, it nonetheless has no bearing to the conversation at hand and is used to further a rhetorically inept analysis of the issue at hand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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