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This assignment  "Mixed-Method Designs" discusses the works about the strengths of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The assignment considers that mixed-method research attests to the valid need to integrate the strengths in both methods…
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Mixed-Method Designs
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Extract of sample "Mixed-Method Designs"

Response to: Kevin Leonard’s Post
It is highly commendable that you have supported your arguments with as many as four (4) references on expounding the discussion on Mixed Method Research. As you cited the research works of Onwuegbuzie & Collins (2007) have likewise noted from the works of Tashakkori and Teddlies (2003) book, SAGE Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research, that there are indeed more than 35 mixed methods research designs, which is just amazing and potentially complex. This just goes to show that there are vast research designs that could be utilized to the advantage of researchers, as long as they have the knowledge, awareness, and proper competencies to apply these tools to their advantage.

Response to: Richard Axtell’s Post
The assertions from Pole’s (2007) discourse was noteworthy in terms of indicating that “qualitative researchers viewing the world as interconnected, while quantitative researchers rationalize the world’s views are scientifically based” (p. 36). One thereby agrees that although there is a valid point in the distinctive differences between the interconnected view of the qualitative research method and the more structured, definitive and scientifically based quantitative method; these disparities form the respective strengths and competitive advantages of each method. However, when taken together and integrated into a particular study, merits from both methods are crucial to validate the findings and make the results more conclusive and reliable. The fact that mixed research method is actually not confined to a number of research designs, as argued by Tashakkori and Teddlie (2003) that there are 35 mixed methods research designs from the time their book was published, it could be evidently possible that more mixed methods of research designs have been discovered to cater to more complex needs and demands of contemporary research. Read More
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