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The author of this assignment entitled "International Conflict" focuses on the concept of conflict that has three levels namely the human, the states and system level. Reportedly, the above levels enable scholars to understand what transpires in conflicts…
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International Conflict
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The Americans were out to fight a terrorist outfit that supported horrifying attacks in New York. The Taliban sought to solidify its power in Afghanistan. The Afghan government sought to reassert its position.
The second level is similar to the first since it states the parties involved. The parties involved were the Taliban and the American forces. The Taliban is an Islamic extremist outfit that perpetuated terror. The American forces were the forces to crush the extremist outfit.
The third level is the system. There are two systems in this conflict. The first system is the Taliban system. This is an extremist system that operates based on religious values. The extremist believes that their attacks are sacred hence; they are not bound by moral values. The American forces seem as agents of democracy. They are out to deliver Afghanistan from the bondage of a terrorist outfit.
An ethnic group is a community that has the same religion, language or culture while a nation is a large community that contains people of diverse racial background, language, and culture. Nations are recognized internationally while ethnic groups are constituents of nations. The diverse people integrate to form a state, although the cultural and ethnic differences may affect a country significantly.
A security dilemma is a situation where a nation is reluctant to undertake certain action since they are cautious of the consequences. This result in a period of indecision in which the possible outcomes are evaluated effectively.
A ceasefire agreement persuades forces to stop attacking without the use of offensive means. Read More
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