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The Effect of Physical Appearance on Wages Once Intelligence Is Proven - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "The Effect of Physical Appearance on Wages Once Intelligence Is Proven" affirms the very reality that though every entrepreneur is influenced by the physical beauty of the employees, yet appearance is not the only factor in the determination of salary or climbing up of the career ladder…
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The Effect of Physical Appearance on Wages Once Intelligence Is Proven
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Physical Appearance on Wages Once Intelligence Is Proven"

Download file to see previous pages Individuals in every society are involved in one economic activity or the other in order to earn bread for themselves and their families, as well as for leading a happy, prosperous and respectable life. Essentially, institutions are durable systems of established and embedded social rules and conventions that structure social interactions. (Hodgson 2001: 295) Economic institutions are the persistent groups of norms of behavior which serve collectively valued purposes; or in narrow sense of, a set of rules to facilitate co-ordination via allowing expectations to form.’(Nabli & Nugent 1989) An overwhelming majority of every social set up applies against divergent posts and positions at various organizations after obtaining formal education or technical skills. Consequently, the entrepreneurs recruit these individuals for the development of their business activities and profit volume.
While recruiting and promoting the employees for their organizations, and determining their salaries and wages, the entrepreneurs take many factors into consideration. Not only men are the lovers of beauty, but also the institutions and organizations seek the beauty of both countenance and refinement of mind in everyday activities, professional performances and domestic chores as well. The companies give special attention to decorum and choose such persons in their team, which can influence upon their clients and customers at first sight on the one hand and can render exceptional performances out of their intellect and skills on the other. It is, therefore, hiring of pleasing and efficient personalities is an imperative matter for corporate firms and organizations. It is particularly applied to the fresh graduates entering the organizations for job seeking on the one hand, and the professionals already working at various positions. Employers are, Armour (2005) submits, free to be unfair other than some protected classes; there aren't great deal employees can do about it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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