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Socio-economic Status and Job Opportunities - Research Paper Example

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This paper explores, how the socio-economic status relating to discrimination in race, color and ethnic background affects the job opportunities in the United States. Power and control remain essential features to obtain a socio-economic status in a place where there are competitive forces in economy…
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Socio-economic Status and Job Opportunities
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Download file to see previous pages Discrimination in Employment Industries Most of the organizations in United States are reluctant to hire African Americans as they are perceived as being unsuitable for their jobs. They have a bias attitude, which is based on superficial beliefs that African Americans are dishonest and irresponsible with less cognitive skills to carry out their jobs effectively (Waldinger, Roger, & Michael, 2003). The attitude of the employers and employment agencies, while hiring, needs to be examined when individuals are applying for a particular job. In most cases whites will hire whites and blacks will hire blacks as Moss, Philip, & Tilly (2001) scholars stated in a report, “businesses where a plurality of managers talk about black motivation are more likely to hire black” (p. 151). Due to this unfavorable behavior of the employer and the employment agencies the socio-economic status of people is being affected deeply. While individuals are seeking job opportunities, wages are also subjected to various classes. According to few scholars (Neal, Derek, & William, 1996) while looking for job opportunities it has been seen that the wages which are being put forward are such that every individual with different ethnic backgrounds will be offered different wage. Whites, blacks and Hispanic are placed in different categories in terms of their wages which is a discriminatory act as the issues in the work place or productivity can be due to lack of skills in the individual and they are not linked with the social background they are coming from (Neal, Derek, & William, 1996). According to Lee, Yueh-Ting, Jussim, & Clark (1995), the employment agencies when advertise or put up jobs opportunities in the market, they already form their opinions...
This paper clearly outlines the factors that have an effect on job seekers while they apply for various positions in the US. Analysis is drawn in the paper to reduce the adverse effects of discriminatory behaviors of employers, so that individuals can avail equal job opportunities in the American market. While applying for jobs, individuals are measured in terms of their race and ethnicity, which reduces their opportunities to find good jobs among the equally qualified and experienced job applicants.
It is claimed in the paper, individuals face racial discrimination when they apply for various positions. Due to this reason there are limited job opportunities for them. Hence, there is a need to identify methods, which study discrimination and laws that can prohibit such behavior.
Most of the organizations in United States are reluctant to hire African Americans as they are perceived as being unsuitable for their jobs. They have a bias attitude, which is based on superficial beliefs that African Americans are dishonest and irresponsible with less cognitive skills to carry out their jobs effectively.
There are many factors pertaining to the environment, which play a very influential role while people, are seeking job opportunities. While looking at the data, it can be seen that most of the employment agencies in United States were against few ethnic origins like African American and blacks. However, these issues of discrimination can be eradicated if awareness is brought in the minds of the employers.
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