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Apply the concept of the sociological imagination to a mobile phoneWhat do sociologists mean by 'social construction' [300 wor - Assignment Example

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Sociology Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Sociology Social imagination Social imagination refers to the ability of a person or the society to relate a thought, a happening or an object of change in the context of a society. The society has its default settings from which other factors and settings are developed…
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Apply the concept of the sociological imagination to a mobile phoneWhat do sociologists mean by social construction [300 wor
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Extract of sample "Apply the concept of the sociological imagination to a mobile phoneWhat do sociologists mean by 'social construction' [300 wor"

Download file to see previous pages The author further points out that, the society relies on social imagination to embrace change and modernization (Wright-Mills, 2000). Any aspect of change detected in the society is further enhanced through imagination to fit the current need or requirement in the society. In relating social imagination to mobile phones, one can easily point the need to communicate as an influencing factor. The introduction of mobile phones in the society was embraced with great pleasure and hope. The society detected the importance of the mobile phone from the first interaction (Wright-Mills, 2000). In the society, communication is an important factor. It enhances relationship and interactions. For this reason, ay form of communication under the influence of social imagination is significantly developed to cater to this particular need. Through social imagination, the evolution of the mobile phone has undergone significant changes. Each stage is based on developing a more advanced model of the mobile phone that would make communication easier. Wright-Mills (2000) points out that through social imagination; the society was able to forecast on the importance of the mobile phone. Additionally, the mobile phones created a hope of communication ease and effectiveness. It is also through social imagination, more products are generated from the original default model of the mobile phone. Social construction All existing matter in the society must have an origin. Existing matter and objects have two possible sources of origin. They may originate from nature or from construction by human beings. There is a significant difference between naturally existing matter and constructed matter in terms of importance and relevance in the society. Constructed matter or objects are created to provide satisfaction to a need, want or requirement by a society or a person. On the other hand, naturally existing matter or objects exist from a default setting of nature and may serve a more general purpose. While defining social construction, Bauman & May (2001) argue that social construction is way in which the society realizes the importance or significance of a particular object or matter and come up with material that would create the matter. Social construction may also refer to the act by which the society originally comes up with objects or matter that did not exist after realization their importance in society. In an argument by Bauman & May (2001) social construction is more like a society duty in which there is a requirement to create things that were absent in the original society. The authors further point out that the relationship between social construction and the society is based on need, requirement and appropriateness (Bauman & May, 2001). Newspapers, money and citizenship are examples of results from social construction. Social constructed object may be in any form. They may occur in tangible or intangible forms. For instance, citizenship is intangible while money is tangible. While analyzing social construction, Bauman & May (2000) point out that the act is effective in the continuity of the society. Social constructed things or object have significant importance to the society. In most occasions, the created objects improve the comfort of life. On other occasions the creations may be a mandatory requirement for survival. Social structures The society is divided in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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