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Streets teacher summaries - Admission/Application Essay Example

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number Tutor Date Streets Teacher Summaries San Francisco Introduction San Francisco is a city of considered to be only for the rich and the poor. The middle class are fading with time. The people in the middle class either move up the ladder of go down…
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Streets teacher summaries
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Download file to see previous pages The class visit was to San Francisco (SFPD-Tenderloin station), where we met Jason, a very cheerful captain at the station. He talked about how this station got the name ‘tenderloin’. In this area, police were given extra stipend to guard it due to the high dangers that existed. This extra stipend, they used to buy better meat (tenderloin). Tenderloin is still prone to criminal activities such as indiscriminative violence, prostitution, illegal drugs and homelessness. The city also has a theatre district on the eastern part of the town, where there are so many theatres, attracting so many illegal activities, contributing to the city’s bad reputation. Currently, its bad reputation is blamed for the rise in immigrant communities’ struggles to live in the high rent houses and cope with gentrification. The Captain also explained other areas with security issues. These he said were; areas around certain bars and clubs on the South of the Market on Fridays and Saturday nights. There are occasional shootings around some clubs, but the policemen know about the gangsters and how to protect the people around. Conclusion San Francisco is a city with super rich people. It is speculated that the middle class in this region are gradually fading. This could be a contributing factor to the crimes described by the police captain who the class met during the tour. SAGE Program Center Introduction The second visit was to the SAGE program center in san Francis. The center’s mission is to end sexual exploitation and human trafficking of both adults and children, worldwide. This is done through advocacy and education programs. The center also offers comprehensive support services that are expected to help survivors heal and start new lives. At SAGE, the class met Jadma Noronha; the coordinator of the center. She talked about anti-trafficking efforts, which was done through human, labor, and sex anti-trafficking legislations. In human trafficking, the main challenge that she talked about was the covert nature and misconceptions about the definition of human trafficking. Because of that, most of the cases go unreported. She provided documents which had general information about trafficking, potential warnings, precedent trafficking cases, background information, and other relevant resources that explain the complexity around human trafficking. Other documents provided include: Those on various sex trafficking networks, complex methods of control imposed by traffickers reviews, and the challenges victims face in seeking assistance; on sex trafficking. Those about the two forms of labor trafficking in the U.S All these materials focused on community and individual education, and awareness about human trafficking. They serve as the anti-trafficking movement tools in fighting the crime. Conclusion The main issue here is on control of sex, labor and human trafficking. This is done through creating awareness and healing programs. The education programs cover new anti-trafficking materials on traffickers’ networks, methods and changing systems of operation. Massage Parlors Introduction Massage parlors are business premises where people are supposed to receive massages. These premises are supposed to be licensed, and should operate under specific health and safety guidelines. In Tenderloin however, there are businesses operating without licenses as massage parlors, but conducting other illegal businesses. The class visit was to the city hall in San Francisco. The class met Katy tang, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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