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Positive Future case analysis - Coursework Example

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Positive Futures Case Analysis Name: Institution: Introduction The case study under scrutiny in this research paper is a youth development programme named Positive Futures. The scheme was initiated in the year 2000 an organization known as Crime Concern, with financial backing from the Home Office…
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Positive Future case analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Positive Futures clearly shows how a perceptible vision can gradually advance through several developmental phases and utilize sports to facilitate social and personal development of vulnerable young people. This research draws attention to the significant role played by cultural activities like sport in enhancing social inclusion. The paper also demonstrates how Positive Futures adopts a relationship strategy as an approach for the project’s staff to build associations with youngsters and enable them overcome their weaknesses to become better people in society. Background Positive Futures was originally established for the principal purpose of influencing positive change among participants. The founders saw the project as a strategy to dissuade youths from engaging in criminal activities, by enabling them to avoid or overcome drug use and offending behaviour, through physical activity. The project further widened its horizons to provide a supportive environment where youths can resume education and gain access to various employment opportunities. Critical Case Study Questions Despite the significant strides made by Positive Futures in ensuring that young people in the United Kingdom do not engage in crime, skeptics believe that the programme is not sufficiently inclusive. This skepticism is attributable to the perception that Positive Futures exclusively engages youths through sporting activities. As a result, many cannot help but wonder whether the programme caters for youngsters without sports skills. There is also prevalent concern regarding the extent of the rehabilitation programme’s continuity. Other principal questions regarding the programme are as outlined hereunder: Since the programme continually attracts new partisans, do the older participants remain engaged and for how long do personnel monitor their progress? Does the programme consider gender equity in its diverse projects by engaging a significant number of young men or does it operate on the notion that young males are more likely to engage in crime? Is the non-sports activities programme sufficiently extensive to cater for youths without sporting abilities? What are the measures of success utilized by Positive Futures to evaluate the young individuals’ progression and improvement? Do projects involving fewer partisans depict higher success rates than those involving a large number of youngsters? Discussion Based on research findings by Sharland (2006, p.248), members of the public, policy makers, and professionals in the field of sociology are increasingly worried about identification and proper management of youths. The author emphasizes that troubled youngsters or those predisposed to societal risks are of particular interest, yet social services have been rather silent about this critical subject. Sharland (2006, pp. 250-252.) takes note of the fact that in practice of social work, youths’ problems are relegated to other unidentified parties leaving them lost and marginalised. The scholar explores theoretical and empirical aspects of risk taking behavior among young people and notes that psychological and social issues are implicated. Consequently, Sharland’s (2006, 253-256.) discussion emphasizes the essence of critically insightful youth social services. Taking this into consideration, one can draw a comparison to Positive Future’s operation strategy. Staff members at the project comprehend the complex interaction of youngsters’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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