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Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested - Journal Article Report - Research Paper Example

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This essay "Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested? - Journal Article Report" discusses the Jonathan Walters' article about the problem of Welfare recipient drug test. The discussion describes the intention of the writer, his thoughts, and arguments on the theme…
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Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested - Journal Article Report
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Extract of sample "Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested - Journal Article Report"

Download file to see previous pages Walters article is intended to a number of audience. Firstly, the article is intended to the House of Representatives and the Congress. This is evident from the fact that the article revolves around a bill fronted by different people in the House of Representatives and the Congress. The bill, according to Walters, concerns dealing with drug addiction in the country. In fact, Walters goes ahead to suggest to the Congress and the House of Representative that passing such a bill may not help much in tackling the problem of drugs in the country. Instead, he suggests that drug addicts in the country only need help. Therefore, Walters advises both the House of Representative and the Congress that the moral thing that ought to be done is to get the drug addicts the much needed help in order to bar them from doing further harm either to themselves or to others in society (Walters, 2012).
The article is also intended to the general public, particularly the drug addicts. This is evident from the fact that the arguments in this article revolves around the drug addicts in the country and the move that the Senate intends to make to reduce cases of drug use and addiction in the country. Therefore, Walters intention is to make drug addicts aware of the Senate’s move regarding the bill and how it will impact their lives (Walters, 2012).
The general problem area in this article by Walters pertains to the measures that ought to be taken to prevent addiction or reduce drug use in the country. The intention of the bill discussed in this article is to ensure that Welfare recipients are drug tested in the country to ensure that taxpayers are not contributing for the drug habits of the evil poor people. While there are many people in support of the bill being fronted in the Senate by the Republican wing, Walters is of the view that the arguments in support of the bill only look good but will not yield much in preventing drug use and addictions in the country. As earlier stated, Walters considers that drug addicts in the country do not need such bills to change but help. He claims that drug addicts and the would be drug users only need help and counseling to prevent them from continuing with their addiction habits that may continue harming them and their neighbors (Walters, 2012). Walters is also concerned that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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