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ATTACHMENT DISORDER - Research Paper Example

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ATTACHMENT DISORDERS Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract The early formative stages of every child are very critical in the general development and growth of a child. Every child comes into the world without any knowledge of a person or even what life has in store and thus depends much on what he/she is introduced to especially by the care taker…
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Download file to see previous pages A child develops trust and confidence in the person who is close during these early stages of development and as such, there is some kind of emotional attachment between the two. Normalcy dictates that there develops a stable and sober relation between the caretaker and the child in order to allow positive attachment (emotionally) between the child and the person through which a child gets to grow well. However, in some instances, the bonding period within the early developmental stages of a kid may be inhibited by other factors, which results to other unprecedented disorders. These disorders are the so called the attachment disorders and are therefore wholly explained by the emotional ties developed or failed during this early developmental stages of a child and the parent or caretakers Introduction In the event that a child lacks the initial attachment as described above, the formation of intimate and loving relationships is inhibited. This leads to such a kid growing up without a trust that the world is a safe place and more so that there would be someone to take care of them. The fear developed through this developmental stages make the child very vigilant about own safety and thus fails to accept any king of care from any person. Research shows that such a child has usually very high levels of stress hormones and which are associated with certain important aspects of development both the body as well as brain development. Such a child therefore displays high levels of aggressiveness, antisocial behaviors as well as disruptive behaviors because of failure to nurture social skills and morals (Zachrisson and Skarderud, 2010). Various factors explain the occurrence of the attachment disorders as observed with kids. These include premature birth, separation from own birth mother, depression (postpartum) with the mother, abuse or neglecting in the early years of development, hospitalization, multiple care takers, insensitive parenting as well as unresolved pain. Moreover, unwanted pregnancies, exposure to drugs while in pregnancy by the mother causing trauma as well as painful medical procedures are causative factors to the problem of attachment disorders among others. At the very early stages of development of the children, nonverbal communication is the way of conversing where the child develops reaction mechanisms such as crying through which the caretaker understands the stimulus and reacts accordingly. In the nonverbal stage, biochemical levels in the brain codes the lessons being learnt. There are indicators that point ton such development of attachment disorders and which can be identified with keen observance. Some of the indicators include when a child becomes indiscriminately affectionate to almost every adult person along the way, when the child becomes very charming and acts in pretence in order to get whatever he/she likes and lack of self control. The child exhibits signs of lack of affection to the initial caregivers and in most cases, the child tend to become controlling, manipulative, demanding, bossy, defiant, impulsive as well as argumentative. The child tends to be very aggressive to him or others while being very cruel to animals and destructive to property and this exposes such a kid to risks of accidents. He/she shows high temperament levels especially towards mature person’s authority and has challenges in establishing and maintaining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ATTACHMENT DISORDER Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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