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Sustainable Models of Economics in African-American Communities Kenneth L. Fox Walden University RSCH-820P February 17, 2013 Dr. N. Warrit Table of Contents RUNNING HEAD: AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITIES 27 1 A.Opening Statement 4 B.Background of Study 5 a.Summary of Literature Review 5 b.Gaps and/or Deficiencies in Prior Research 10 c.Importance of Present Study 12 D…
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Qualitative Research Studies
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Download file to see previous pages Opening Statement This research proposal intends to present the framework for a study into the ecological aspects of the African-American community on the basis of a qualitative analysis. It investigates the scope for implementation of various strategies through public-private collaboration. In this context, this case study will be designed to leverage minority residents’ private exemptions, full faith and credit (currency) and the capability to fund redevelopment efforts through real issue document. The African-American community has been experiencing high rates of crime, low wealth creation, and the lack of a sustained economic and self-determination indicating the need for effective and sustainable economic models. Such models would enable the African American community to upgrade their standard of living as well as enhance their economic potency. This proposal further aims to offer the framework for an investigation into the key socioeconomic issues, such as homelessness, poverty, lack of business infrastructure, absence of economic and community developments. It will also dwell on the lack of representation for appropriately redressing the social, political, and economic issues prevalent among this ethnic group, by focusing subjectively on the . Thus, the primary purpose of the case study will be to integrate strategies established through collaboration of public-private partnerships intended to construct a master plan for the development of mixed-use commercial and retail developments. To investigate the identified issues, it is vital that the case study is conducted by keeping in mind the problems being encountered by African Americans in economic and political contexts. This case study will benefit the community through exploring, as well as establishing, their current status and initiating appropriate measures to address their problems. It will further cater to the development initiatives essential for promoting and reinforcing the economic condition of the community. B. Background of Study a. Summary of Literature Review African-American Communities continue to experience increasing problems, both from economic and political perspectives, due to the inability to determine and establish sustainability. Research evidence suggests that the African-American community is experiencing major, social, political and economic catastrophes (Ferris, Norman, & Sempik, 2001). Estimates place the total population of African-Americans in the range of approximately 42 million. Evidence further suggests that members of this ethnic group remain involved in a higher percentage of criminal activities, thereby accounting for the prevalence of high rates of crime within their community, particularly murders (Flay, et al, 2004). On the other hand, statistics also reveal that approximately 24.7% of African-Americans lives in poverty, which signifies poor quality of life, low productivity, shortage of resources, and the lack of social sustainability (Gallo & Davis, 2009). Similarly, the rate of school dropouts in African-American communities is also quite high as statistics indicate that only “56% (of the African Americans) complete high school” (Lofstrom, 2007, p.1). Besides, the life expectancy in the community has decreased considerably, perhaps owing to poverty and low standard of living. Estimates show that while the overall life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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